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  1. I think JPJ enjoyed the partying, but stayed clear of the punches, somehow.
  2. I've read this before, it wouldn't suprise me. One story I read was where Peter Grant punched Robert and I think Bonzo (not sure though) in the face for being too rowdy and drunk. Peter Grant was drunk too. I'm sure this sort of craziness happened all of the time with them!
  3. In the book "When Giants Walked the Earth" it discusses some of the meaning to the lyrics. It suggests some "occult" meanings in there (which I'm sure there are) but overall, I like reswati's explanation.
  4. Greatest guitarist ever? No. Does it matter? No.
  5. ED68

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    A bunch of great pics.
  6. Thanks for the lists, handy tools.
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