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  1. Great cover! That guitaritst is top notch!
  2. That's why they speak to so many people!
  3. I was past High school when they came about, but they have helped through many-a-days.
  4. To my knowledge they never did. It would be great if there was one though. I've only ever heard them do it live though.
  5. I had to say several times a day, because I do listen to other stuff, but EVERY DAY!
  6. The Rover. It isn't too hard, but it's the little intricacies that shows Page's genius.
  7. Who knows what he'll do. I hope that he does a tour, but I doubt that we folks in the states will see him.
  8. I think JPJ enjoyed the partying, but stayed clear of the punches, somehow.
  9. I've read this before, it wouldn't suprise me. One story I read was where Peter Grant punched Robert and I think Bonzo (not sure though) in the face for being too rowdy and drunk. Peter Grant was drunk too. I'm sure this sort of craziness happened all of the time with them!
  10. Moby Dick is a blast to play, and That's The Way is a fun acoustic one as well. Really, they're all fun, with a little practice.
  11. Had to pick Jimmy. Favorite guitarist of ALL time.
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