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  1. Love both, but I chose TSRTS. It was the first Led Zeppelin album I heard. And that version of Rock and Roll. Oh, man...
  2. Whole Lotta Love. The Song Remains The Same (1976). First pressing.
  3. In Through The Out Door contrary to most people think I believe is a great album. For example is the more variated. We have hard rock (In The Evening), rockabilly (Hot Dog), soft (All My Love), latin (Fool In The Rain), synth rock (Carousselambra), soul/blues (I'm Gonna Crawl), ¿simple rock? (South Bound Saurez). In no other Led Zeppelin album the songs are so different in sound & style. For me, the best is Fool In The Rain. It has the classical Led Zeppelin traces adding an unusual fun to their usual seriousness. And in this song Bonzo and Page (both a bit absent in this recording) do their best work. A pity never was played live. In The Evening remains me in some parts the majesty of Achilles Last Stand with some oriental influences. Great song for concerts. Led Zeppelin playing rockabilly? That's really weird, but it works. Jones piano is fantastic in Hot Dog. All My Love shows a very clean vocal by Plant, something we are not used to. And I think is fantastic Page did not intervened in this song. It is all about Plant with a little help by Jones. Carousselambra is quite interesting although is a bit long for my taste. Ok, Kashmir and On My Time Of Dying are also long and repetitive, but both has that lilttle something that made them special, that Carousselambra lacks of. However it showed some new paths for Led Zeppelin. At last, for me the weakest point, South Bound Saurez. I never reached to like it a lot. But overall, a great album.
  4. Sidney 1972 is really great. But overall TSRTS remains better in my opinion.
  5. Profiting form your experience I have to ask which is, in your opinion, the best Rock and Roll version. I have to say the first album I heard from Led Zeppelin was The Song Remains The Same and obviously the first song, Rock and Roll. And still is my favourite Led Zeppelin song. Maybe I am biased but I also think is the best version I have ever heard. Better than the studio version and better than How The West Was Won's and Knebworth's. Somebody can point to another good version. Cheers. tt.
  6. Hi there. I am wondering and asking which do you think is the best Kashmir live version. Official we just have Knebworth's and O2's. And I think Kashmir and For Your Life were the best moments of the whole Celebration Day night. Cheers. TT.
  7. Cluesterpye and mielazul understood me. To clarify more, is not my opinion that Led Zeppelin were at their peak (globally) in 72 & 73. It is what I read and summarizing all the data I have from this forum, articles and wikipedia. I had the Earl's Court concerts as their peak, from what I read, before the 2003 DVD appeared. When appeared I think it was they were in the best form I watched/heard them. Then we had How The West Was Won and I had access to more bootlegs, more information (The Concert Files by David Lewis and Simon Pallett is a Quran, in this aspect) and my foundations are beginning to shake. That's why I asked in this forum.
  8. The problem with the peak form of the group altogether (71, 72) leads to lose some amazing songs: The Song Remains The Same, Sick Again, Kashmir, Trampled Under Foot, etc. A pity.
  9. Hi there. Searching through wikipedia and reading about this tour appears this: "Some critics consider Led Zeppelin to have been at their technical peak during this tour". Any opinion on this? Somebody with whole lotta bootlegs can confirm it? Thanks. TT.
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