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  1. Lucky Venice. I still have my fingers crossed it’ll show at the Toronto Film Festival in September. I was lucky enough to catch “It Might Get Loud” at TIFF in 2008. My luck didn’t end there, as I was also able to get a picture of Jimmy coming out of a bistro across the street from the event that Saturday afternoon. A day I’ll never ever forget!
  2. Thanks for sharing these incredible pics,Sam. I can’t tell you the hours I’ve spend looking through your Zeppelin pic gallery over the years. The James Fortune pictures are always great to see. Cheers
  3. Thank you for these great photos Sam.
  4. Hey man I just starting listening to your Zeppelin podcasts on Spotify. They are great! Going to start digging my way through them. Cheers!
  5. Some great reviews. I concur with all your picks. Birmingham the 18th has always been a fav of mine....I first heard it back in the early 90’s. Then that silent footage showed up ......and it just made me appreciate the gig even more. Sorry about your dog. Cheers ✌️
  6. Thank you so much for sharing these incredible photos. Much appreciated. Cheers ✌️
  7. Don’t kid yourself. They’d sell a lot more then just five.There are plenty of serious collectors out there that would scoop something like that up at the right price.Mind you I’d be a 500 CD collection lol. Anyway, I’ve picked up vol 3 from FH’s. Now waiting to see what vol 4 might entail. Cheers
  8. Any idea what we should expect on the 4th Vol ? I’m hoping for an expanded “History Lesson” DVD. They can include some of the resent clips that have become available + the Tokyo 23rd footage.
  9. Thanks for posting this.What do we know about this release. What’s the quality like compared to past DVD releases? Was going to grab a copy from Fisheads.Thanks!
  10. I’m late to this thread. Not sure how I missed this? Just want to thank you for sharing these incredible pictures. Cheers
  11. Hats off to Roy Harper. That one I’ve always had trouble with. I was glad it was the last song on the album so I could skip it.
  12. New York July 27th 1973.....audience recording. This is my benchmark Dazed. Page is absolutely on fire.
  13. Agreed. Plants voice here is strong ....just like the following night. So many highlights to this show. TSRTS is amazing....as is the Stairway solo....and the Crunge during Dazed. The Since solo is also tight.Then there are the encores! This show will be on repeat for the next week.
  14. I’m out of my mind over this new found treasure......and I can’t wait to get my hands/ears on it. I’ll take anything from ‘72......anything!!!! I’m sorry to say...but I’m a slight bit tired of 75/77 sb’s. Dec 3rd is also the night written about in the book “Suzy, Led Zeppelin,and Me”....a fun read. Thank you to whoever brought this show to us. Cheers.
  15. This is better news then any of that 50th anniversary nonsense. Love the 4th night. Can’t wait for this!
  16. Agreed. All these interviews are great. Thxs for posting!
  17. Thanks for these links. Some great pic’s of a great show! Had my fingers crossed he’d play Hot Dog like in Richmond a few nights earlier,but no go. R n R with Sheryl Crow was a lot of fun though. Cheers.
  18. Great interview with Robert in Toronto by Strombo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ISLm_4qEuA&feature=share
  19. Awesome! Thanks for posting this. Glad you had a great time ......seeing Robert this coming Friday in Toronto. Can’t wait ! cheers
  20. Grabbed this yesterday. Thanks for the heads up ! Cheers
  21. This footage also blew my mind when I first saw it back in the mid 90’s. Just watch Jimmy shuffling around....so exciting! “From one Birmingham to another’ .....love this show! cheers
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