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  1. I’m late to this thread. Not sure how I missed this? Just want to thank you for sharing these incredible pictures. Cheers
  2. Hats off to Roy Harper. That one I’ve always had trouble with. I was glad it was the last song on the album so I could skip it.
  3. New York July 27th 1973.....audience recording. This is my benchmark Dazed. Page is absolutely on fire.
  4. Agreed. Plants voice here is strong ....just like the following night. So many highlights to this show. TSRTS is amazing....as is the Stairway solo....and the Crunge during Dazed. The Since solo is also tight.Then there are the encores! This show will be on repeat for the next week.
  5. I’m out of my mind over this new found treasure......and I can’t wait to get my hands/ears on it. I’ll take anything from ‘72......anything!!!! I’m sorry to say...but I’m a slight bit tired of 75/77 sb’s. Dec 3rd is also the night written about in the book “Suzy, Led Zeppelin,and Me”....a fun read. Thank you to whoever brought this show to us. Cheers.
  6. This is better news then any of that 50th anniversary nonsense. Love the 4th night. Can’t wait for this!
  7. Agreed. All these interviews are great. Thxs for posting!
  8. Thanks for these links. Some great pic’s of a great show! Had my fingers crossed he’d play Hot Dog like in Richmond a few nights earlier,but no go. R n R with Sheryl Crow was a lot of fun though. Cheers.
  9. Great interview with Robert in Toronto by Strombo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ISLm_4qEuA&feature=share
  10. Awesome! Thanks for posting this. Glad you had a great time ......seeing Robert this coming Friday in Toronto. Can’t wait ! cheers
  11. Grabbed this yesterday. Thanks for the heads up ! Cheers
  12. This footage also blew my mind when I first saw it back in the mid 90’s. Just watch Jimmy shuffling around....so exciting! “From one Birmingham to another’ .....love this show! cheers
  13. Thanks for sharing these pictures. What a great tribute. Well done! We love you Bonzo!
  14. Page at times is a real weirdo. Always has been. But I love him!
  15. I love you John Bonham. Happy Birthday mate. It’s an LA Forum day.
  16. ohjimmy

    Seattle 1977

    I agree. Would add some life into the visual if we had a matrix audio.
  17. I have a knockoff that sits in our living room. It only gets moved durning Christmas.I sometimes put my hands on it and pray. I pray another March 73 show falls from the heavens lol. I picked it up in the late 80's from Rick in TX. I use to load up every time I received his newspaper. eBay changed all that. I have a smallish (unorganized) collection. There's nothing in it that would surprise any serious collector on this forum. But I do treasure that "Object".
  18. Thanks for posting this great little interview. Plant is too cool. He couldn't give a hoot about Zeppelin....he's just out having fun, living life and singing. Good on him!
  19. "more crankable"......lol that just about nails it! I concur. Brighter and more natural.
  20. So funny! I was thinking the same thing. I'd pay big money to see JPJ's wig from TSRTS lol. cheers
  21. Interesting to read that Robert has cancelled his August Scandinavian tour. He'll probably be too busy doing 50 th Anniversary promotional stuff with Jimmy and John Paul. I think some cool stuff is on the way!
  22. Keep your eyes open for Record Store Day.....I'm sure Page has something up his sleeve.
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