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  1. Zurich, 6.29.80. Absolutely one of the greatest Trampled Underfoots of all time. Good lord does it groove hard. Love it!
  2. Too funny! i thought the same thing. "where in the hell did they get THIS?" I was sooo excited ... and then ..... oh, i see .....
  3. I love the guitar solo in Thank You from Blueberry Hill (1970.09.04). Are there any other guitar solos and/or versions of this song that stand out to anyone? I've searched the Led Zep Live forum and can't find any previous threads on this. Thank you!....... pun intended
  4. Is it common knowledge (or even true) that at the 4:45 mark of the studio version of No Quarter, Jimmy and the production team employed the use of an "ascending" Shepard tone? After multiple listens, that segment sounds like a true tonal ascension but the master of the knowledge universe, Wikipedia, suggests it's an auditory illusion - a Shepard tone. After reading this at Wiki, I read about Shepard tones and listened to a few. Very cool concept and technique. Anyway thought you guys might like to check it out. Sorry if this is common knowledge - before I get yelled at, I did a forum search an
  5. Dazed, Vienna, 3/16/73. Insane 10 minute outro. Wowza is all i can say. The tension is so high - will this ever end??? Just keeps going at the most frenetic pace. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.
  6. LOL. Yea, I suppose you're right. Never did get the pre achilles thingy.
  7. And by the way, John Henry is just smashing his cymbals to smithereens during the post bow guitar solo in this 9/29/71 show!! I don't remember him doing it this aggressively in other shows. Maybe I just haven't noticed. I can't believe he got to be so portly because he must've burned 5,000 calories a concert.
  8. Just checked out the bow segment. you're spot on. Sounds like a horror movie soundtrack - or a haunted house. Yikes!! Love it.
  9. i suffer from No Quarterosis - a newly recognized medical condition whereby the patient has an never ending compulsion to to listen to every single cotton pickin' live version of No Quarter. Help!! I don't need no doctor - just give me my NQ!! Speaking of which, does anyone know why they waited to play NQ until the 9th US tour? Do you think it wasn't played in early '73 because they hadn't "worked out" the arrangement or do you think they just didn't think it would work? Because it would have been terrific to hear them play it when they were really firing all pistons in Euro '73.
  10. I can't stop listening to No Quarter from the LA Forum shows from '75. I'm comaring 3/24 with 3/25. Both awesome. That jazzy JPJ/Bonzo bit kills me. Check out that double bass kick in the interlude. I can't tell if its JPJ's foot pedal or Bonzo doing light bass drum kicks.
  11. Listening to NQ from Landover 5.30.77 for the first time in a long time and it is a stunning version. Jimmy's flurries from 15:45 through 16:00 are remarkable. I was sitting here doing some work at my desk and it made me stop and say out loud, "holy sh*t"... just to myself!!
  12. I think it's an incredibly good album. i've revisited it a lot over the years. That "wall of sound' that comes crashing out at you with BDOS, the melancholy of MIS, and the tempo and drive of PP. an earlier post didn't like the sax solo but i think it was invigorating. the playfulness of WTD, a drumless FL.... who knew?....the yearning of LINBG....loved that stuff. even the bonus track far post was awesome. the keyboards!! wow. very moody. did we really want Led Zeppelin 2.0. maybe some did but i was ready for what was in robert's head. and his voice, although not 1969's, was simply awesome
  13. I picked '73 for 2 principal reasons: 1 - No Quarter 2 - Dazed and Confused I think the US tour was AWESOME for those 2 songs. I always thought they got a bit indulgent with NQ in 75 and 77. I actually preferred the 79 NQ to 75 and 77. And they probably were never more on their D and C game than Euro '73.
  14. I love both songs. Black Dog studio is a production juggernaut and was never REALLY captured the same way live. Having said that, the live performances have always been a high octane drink and filled with tension - particularly waiting for the outro solo - would Jimmy nail it? I'd rather hear Limelight than Tom Sawyer - "pretenders and portrayers".... what a great line!
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