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  1. Zurich, 6.29.80. Absolutely one of the greatest Trampled Underfoots of all time. Good lord does it groove hard. Love it!
  2. Dazed, Vienna, 3/16/73. Insane 10 minute outro. Wowza is all i can say. The tension is so high - will this ever end??? Just keeps going at the most frenetic pace. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.
  3. And by the way, John Henry is just smashing his cymbals to smithereens during the post bow guitar solo in this 9/29/71 show!! I don't remember him doing it this aggressively in other shows. Maybe I just haven't noticed. I can't believe he got to be so portly because he must've burned 5,000 calories a concert.
  4. Just checked out the bow segment. you're spot on. Sounds like a horror movie soundtrack - or a haunted house. Yikes!! Love it.
  5. I can't stop listening to No Quarter from the LA Forum shows from '75. I'm comaring 3/24 with 3/25. Both awesome. That jazzy JPJ/Bonzo bit kills me. Check out that double bass kick in the interlude. I can't tell if its JPJ's foot pedal or Bonzo doing light bass drum kicks.
  6. I think it's an incredibly good album. i've revisited it a lot over the years. That "wall of sound' that comes crashing out at you with BDOS, the melancholy of MIS, and the tempo and drive of PP. an earlier post didn't like the sax solo but i think it was invigorating. the playfulness of WTD, a drumless FL.... who knew?....the yearning of LINBG....loved that stuff. even the bonus track far post was awesome. the keyboards!! wow. very moody. did we really want Led Zeppelin 2.0. maybe some did but i was ready for what was in robert's head. and his voice, although not 1969's, was simply awesome. i'm listenting to the piano solo in "far post" and am astounded actually. go baby go!!
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