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  1. I have the Book....looked at it twice thoroughly, and it now sits amongst my 30 plus other Zep related tomes.
  2. Pictures from the Tampa Stadium 1977 riot after show cancelation because of heavy thunderstorms would have been interesting. Kids being beaten and tear gassed by police in riot gear that just happened to show up 6 minutes after the announcement....hmmm. Prepared? Or how about pictures of the waiting lines and traffic jams to get into the Pontiac Silverdome for the record setting 1977 concert there. Newbies don't realize that living through the actual Zeppelin era was the most exciting and mind blowing of times, crowds were insane and the vibe around an upcoming Zep event was beyond comprehension. There is no live act today where and entire city and state would go completely bonkers.
  3. Really....was he caught by surprise? Sometimes these interviews use unexpected means to catch their guests off guard. But that is weird and very embarrassing if so. I'm hoping Jimmy was just wondering "WTF..."
  4. There's only one problem with Jimmy's latest interview on France's Le Grand Journal television....it's in French.
  5. Jimmy himself is made to look rather "ghostly" in this filtered pic. He looks more "dead" than alive... Cool vibe and it's great to see him with his personal rig all set up and ready to play about...Theremin too. Interesting. No hopes, no expectations, no thoughts other than it's always good to see Jimmy alive and well...
  6. Success on the Zeppelin level is not all it's cracked up to be. Ride the wave and then drown in the same sea.
  7. And when the BBC interviewer asks the inevitable question of a Zeppelin re-union and tour....Jimmy simply replies "No." That's it folks - NO tour or re-union, no more Zeppelin, end of story.
  8. It's not only the Greta Van Fleeting comparison, that's just the latest nonsense, it's been ALL the comparisons of the other much lesser bands throughout the years since Zep landed in 1980. Such as: Whitesnake, Great White, Wolfmother, Coverdale/Page, Royal Blood, Kingdom Dum, etc.... C/mon...really?
  9. Interestingly at the end of the BBC Interview regarding these tapestries, the reporter asks Jimmy if a Zeppelin reunion was ever going to be a possibility...his answer was a flat out - "No."
  10. Exactly Steve. I've been on this Train since '69 and there is little in the Book that really excites me. Similar to the O2 concert and the re-re-re-masters, once again they provided a very "garden salad" approach to what should be a fuckin' acid trip!
  11. Yeah, that ain't gonna happen. We thought Earl's Court complete may be released as well...nope.
  12. Hey all, I finally received my LZXLZ book yesterday after almost a week's delay because it was damaged in shipping. The new one arrived in great shape and I am impressed by the quality of the book itself. The content is a whole other matter. If anyone is looking for real insight and unique postings by the band members - you'll be as disappointed as I am. Other than some un-seen photos and a paragraph here and there from the members there is nothing to scream or whisper home about. Sadly, this is as generic a tome about such an amazing Band as one can get. Yes, it's cool to look at the new pics, but so many landmark events from the stage years are missing or terribly passed by briefly that it left me wondering how much time Robert and JPJ really put into this project. And there is nothing to represent any personal life away from the stages to give us insight to their off-time other than the photos we've seen many times before. There is a cool pic of Robert and two elder gentlemen chatting... All in all, I put the book down after paging through carefully looking for those hidden gems...I came up with some nice pieces of stone but no rubys or diamonds. Disappointing to say the least. That said, this photo album to a newbie will be a great possession to own. Especially if they don't have access to the Internet - where many of these photos, and many better ones, can be seen with little effort. I have many books on Zeppelin, and to me they are by miles the most photogenic band in history. No one comes close. The LZXLZX50 trip down memory lane leaves me with nothing new and exciting to make a return flight. This is my opinion of course - I'm sure many fans will love it. Another let down after so much anticipation...does anyone remember the re-masters,,,??
  13. You missed her interview then. And I realize the "initial" intention was for Ahmet obviously, but once the 3J's realized how great it was they wanted to Tour as a Zeppelin stand alone as well as recognize Ahmet's accomplishments and his friendship. The "giving back aspect" would have be a natural outcome.
  14. Everyone has their opinion and commentary on the O2 show, even after nearly 11 years. Obviously that being the last time Zeppelin will be together on that scale means something to each of us, even if those feelings are mixed. My point being at the start was, that looking back, what would Robert have lost to put aside a month or two to do shows where they would mean the most to their fans. That could have been anywhere. He had proven himself as a solo artist. At the time Alison Krauss told him to continue with the Zeppelin shows; so she didn't care about the Raising Sand Tour as much as Robert did. She knew it was more important to give back to more than the 19,000 fans at the O2. But instead, Robert used her and that project as another reason why he needed to move on. Really? Alison must have been shaking her head and saying WTF Robert - don't put me in this discussion!! She knew Robert was being the fox and grapes guy....
  15. The Immigrant Song. It's short , to the point, in your face, power and fury with a great story-line that Zep later expounded on with STH and Kashmir and ALS.
  16. I think Jimmy's solos on Tea For One are brilliant...very understated and true to the feel of the song. It's just terrific Blues and does reflect Robert's and the Bands mood at the time.
  17. Robert Plant Robert did have his loses for sure. But they had nothing to do with him being in Led Zeppelin. Karac had a virus, John drank too much, and Robert never took good care of his vocal chords in those days. Robert is "Robert" ONLY because of being in Led Zeppelin. Otherwise he would have led an ordinary life in the country side. A total unknown, like yourself.
  18. As we come up to nearly 11 years since the Concert for Ahmet Ertegun, co-founder of Atlantic Records, at the O2 Venue in London, I am reminded of how self-centered Robert was to not want to do another handful of shows for that Tribute and re-union of Led Zep. Over the years since that famous night in December 2007, I have come to the conclusion that a "one off" concert for Ahmet and Zeppelin was not only a selfish decision on Robert's behalf, but a real travesty to us as fans, the music world, and personally to the other members of Zeppelin and their families. For all the rehearsals, time away from families and projects, and all the logistical aspects for that Night, they all now seem like a looming shadow over Robert's insistence not to continue that energy and good will. A shadow that grows longer and darker as the years pass and a Zeppelin reunion, for whatever reason, becomes nearly impossible. That Night at the O2 was so incredibly great and magical, can one imagine if they continued for even a handful of shows in different parts of the world where Ahmet and Zeppelin had such over-whelming influence and support. Let's take North America for instance. A show would have certainly been well received in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Tampa, and say Dallas. All places where Zeppelin was noted for Tour stops back in their hey-day. All famous for their sold out venues and amazing, if not crazed, fans. Not only would that have been the right thing to do, I believe that with time and more shows - the Band would have gotten even better and tighter as a unit! Imagine... But no. Robert would have none of it. And we as fans, and the music world, are lesser for his decision. Ahmet made Atlantic Records famous in the US first. That's where his real market was. That's where he passed away and a tribute by Zeppelin would have been well suited in those and other cities. Jimmy, John Paul, and Jason were all on board, fired up, and ready to continue their success from that Night at the O2. All the pieces were in place. Everything. The Band was so rehearsed and even Jason was more than ready to fill his dad's big boots. But Robert held his ground and denied himself, and the members, and the fans that couldn't attend the O2 concert, a once in a lifetime chance to see Zeppelin reach new heights, a new audience, and make certain that Ahmet was given his due in the United States. His home away from home. Looking back, for what did Robert prove. 11 years almost gone - what was the point in not giving 6 months more in 2007 - 2008 to a Band's legacy. The Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary has come and gone now - with nothing new or exciting to talk about.... Robert, I love you beyond words. Thank you for all of your artistry and true inspiration. Your integrity will never be second guessed. However, your insistence on not continuing that magical Zeppelin resurgence at the O2, will also be a chapter in any historical accounting of the mighty Led Zeppelin. Maybe you don't care, but we do; and I'm certain the other Band members do as well now that Time has marched onward from that Night.
  19. Thank goodness for YouTube... There is far more unreleased Zep material on YouTube then Jimmy has released thus far. Google "The Knobs" for lots of treasures. Maybe Jimmy is releasing stuff to YT under an alias...
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