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  1. Happy Birthday fellow aquarian (I know that sounds extreamly cheesy!) I'm sorry I'm late, but as you know, better late than never. I hope you had a lot of fun on your birthday! Lots of love, Ishita
  2. Hey, Sorry guys, I'm a bit to late, but I'm absolutely dumb-founded by the kind of respond this thread has got. I'm really busy with school work and with exams drawing nearer, I just haven't had the time to come on here, but there is not one day that I think of this forum and the old one. I've met so many people from so many cultures (without travelling!), which makes me marvel at my good fortune. Thanks once again, this thread managed to get a smile on my face (in the middle of solving maths) :D You guys are the best! Cheers!
  3. I haven't read all the books I want to read. Hence, I cannot make a list yet. Two of the good books I've read last year have to be- "Kite Runner" and "A Thousand Splendid Suns", both by Khaled Hosseini. Right now, I'm reading "Imperial Blandings" by P.G Wodehouse, and I love it, it's hilarious.
  4. No 1, I was born into a Hindu family and I practice Hinduism. Although, we have nothing like Mass on sunday or mandatory visit to the temple, it's the follower's choice. On second thought, No 2 is a little right too. It's not that I've had an epiphany, but the second sub point says "it clicked" which is true in my case. My parents are extreamly religious, but they never forced religion on me or my brother, they just told us what's right and what's wrong. The rest was our decision.
  5. Hey Lu! Nice pics, I really like the last one, it's a very cool angle. You look lovely as always
  6. People who died on January 24, 1993 (the exact day you were born) Thurgood Marshall, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Unusual Deaths in 1993 Brandon lee, son of bruce lee, was shot and killed by a prop .44 magnum gun while filming the movie the crow. a cartridge with only a primer and a bullet was fired in the pistol prior to the scene brandon was in; this caused a squib load, in which the primer provided enough force to push the bullet out of the cartridge and into the barrel of the revolver, where it became stuck. the malfunction went unnoticed by the crew, and the same gun was used again late
  7. My brother came home from Uni today. Finally getting around to solving a little tiff I had with my best friend, we were smiling and laughing about like old times (before the christmas vacation). Also, I watched a totally hilarious movie. It's been a good day today
  8. I've been singing a song/jingle I heard on T.V advertising a moisturising lotion. Otherwise, most of the days I'm usually singing bollywood songs because whenever I travel, the radio's on, and bollywood songs are ALL that they play, most of the time. However, whenever I listen to Led-Zeppelin, I always end up singing the intro to Black Dog all day long. Ha!
  9. I want to be a very successful cardiologist, travel the world and pursue dance till my last days. I love dancing. Man, I'm boring.
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY fellow January born babies, it's the best month of the year
  11. Hey Rabia, I posted a comment on your other pics as well, but it's a few pages back! These photos are very beautiful. I admire you.
  12. That picture could be made into a card, it made me feel good. Happy New Year Celia.
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