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  1. Hey Lu! Nice pics, I really like the last one, it's a very cool angle. You look lovely as always
  2. My brother came home from Uni today. Finally getting around to solving a little tiff I had with my best friend, we were smiling and laughing about like old times (before the christmas vacation). Also, I watched a totally hilarious movie. It's been a good day today
  3. Hey Rabia, I posted a comment on your other pics as well, but it's a few pages back! These photos are very beautiful. I admire you.
  4. That picture could be made into a card, it made me feel good. Happy New Year Celia.
  5. Oh and Vannis, I didn't see your pics, they're hilarious, you look very good in the first one, I like the colour of your hair.
  6. Sorry I'm late- Rabia, I really love that photo, like Minelle said, the Dupatta is great and you look lovely in Indian clothes. I really love your eyes. And everyone else, cool pics!
  7. Hey this is my myspace site. http://www.myspace.com/aciddomine

    I found you on myspace but I can't add you 'cause your profile is set to private

    *hugs and kisses*

    Happy New year and best wishes to you and your family =)

    Hope all your dreams will come true

  8. Ha!!! YAY! I am so happy you found me!!!!

  9. I'm EXTREAMLY sorry to here this, everyone has days when nothing seems to go right, but the fact is that tomorrow is always a new day and it comes with hope and a chance for a new start. I know it's easier to preach that follow, but I'd like you to always remember that in this world there are a lot of people who absolutely love you and would sometimes want to be in your shoes. Anywho, I'm down with Viral, so I'd have to stay in bed a couple of days......my parents don't know that I'm surfing the net right now
  10. Hey sewwtie. I finaly found you =) I used to be Anabel Lee on the old message board...

    I don't spend much time here, but I'm glag I found you =)

    Take care, hope you're ok.

  11. Ha, I know! I haven't been around so often. How about you post a pic? You haven't posted one in sometime!
  12. Hey Minelle!! I'm sorry, I've just been busy, but now, I'm on vacation The trip to the farmhouse must be nice! There are a lot of farmhouses outside Mumbai as well! I hope you've been fine!
  13. I'm on vacation right now I reached my aunts house today and will be spending new years eve overhere.
  14. Cool pic Minelle! Party? How was Bakri-Eid?
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