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  1. Hats off to Roy Harper. I don't get what they tried to achieve with this one, and never bothered to listen to it until the end, to be honest.
  2. Fully agreed Shadecatcher. I was just being a bit sarcastic, but come to think of it, if I had been in his shoes (only in my dreams!) better to come along with a trusted and long-time friend and partner like Joan Hudson , who must have seen and been through a lot, than a flavor-of-the-month date or even an ex-wife or kid because the other family members would have been dead jealous!
  3. Thanks a lot for the clarification. They do look all nice, but with all due respect for the ladies, I just couldn't help smiling about the fact that, on the day they reached the pinnacle of their career and social life, John-Paul came with his life-long wife, Robert with his more recent and younger girlfriend, and Jimmy... with his accountant! Seemed to fit perfectly the old cliches about their personalities.
  4. Thanks for the information, I was wondering who were the ladies behind them. Does anyone know for Robert and Jimmy?
  5. "Bobtized in 1969? His DNA still floating inside you" Hmmm.. Is this metaphorical talk or is there more "flesh" to it? <-; (sorry, I couldn't resist asking, LOL!)
  6. I fully agree. Having said that there is a flip side: by definition computers don't have personal opinions or preconceptions about the subject, so it's a good starting point at least. Ideal situation is to have a chart reading by a real astrolog but without disclosing the name of the person.
  7. To Shadecatcher: I agree the astrological addendum at the end of the book is not very detailed. For those interested by this sort of things, these are 2 astrological charts and their analysis for Page and Plant on a website I've just found: http://www.astrotheme.com/astrology/Robert_Plant http://www.astrotheme.com/astrology/Jimmy_Page
  8. Thanks Alice, very interesting interview. What strikes me is that, for a guy so private and usually prudent, he could also be (by his own admission) very naive, and as a result has been screwed big time by bad people. I am also thinking here about the various things stolen by people he invited to his home. And he is somehow lucky he had his wildest period in the 70s: nowadays with cameras-equipped cell phones, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter etc... whatever he did back then would be all other the place and, even as a big fan, it's stuff that I would not necessarily want to know about!
  9. Thanks. I liked the "Charolette"! Amazing that the journalist dared to ask such personal questions to Jimmy so bluntly. It looks more like a police questioning than a press interview! Frankly in his position I would have showed him or her the exit door fast...
  10. maybe he meant he was going through a divorce... with his own country?!
  11. sorry I have an ebook version so pagination is probably different than on the paper one. and you're both right: there is a direct quote in what is clearly a dialog, and a paraphrase on the same topic (a few pages before)
  12. Well, it is presented as a quote from Jimmy himself, that's the point I found odd. (excerpt from p147) "The Earl's Court show in particular hit home. I'd just gone through a divorce and that was the last show of the 1975 tour. I remember I decided to travel, because there was nothing really keeping me home. Shortly after that, Robert had his accident..."
  13. Thanks for your quick answer. It was certainly a mistake then. I've just found another thread in this forum mentioning it as well.
  14. Sorry I'm new here and not sure this is the right thread. in Tolinski's book it is mentioned that J.Page was going through a divorce around 1974 or 1975. I thought that statement very surprising since he was not supposed to be married then. Is it just a mistake?
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