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  1. The other woman in the group was not Pat Bonham.  It indeed is accountant Joan Hudson.

    Joan and her company have represented various Zeppelin (and post Zep members) activities for many years.  She's 74,  and does not look like Pat Bonham.

    I thought they all looked quite nice!

    Thanks a lot for the clarification. They do look all nice, but with all due respect for the ladies, I just couldn't help smiling about the fact that, on the day they reached the pinnacle of their career and social life, John-Paul came with his life-long wife, Robert with his more recent and younger girlfriend, and Jimmy... with his accountant! Seemed to fit perfectly the old cliches about their personalities.

  2. Thanks Alice, very interesting interview. What strikes me is that, for a guy so private and usually prudent, he could also be (by his own admission) very naive, and as a result has been screwed big time by bad people. I am also thinking here about the various things stolen by people he invited to his home. And he is somehow lucky he had his wildest period in the 70s: nowadays with cameras-equipped cell phones, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter etc... whatever he did back then would be all other the place and, even as a big fan, it's stuff that I would not necessarily want to know about!

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