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  1. Cut out the stupid cigarette?? Political correctness gone insane!
  2. I'll have to check that one out.
  3. Agreed. 1977 Kashmir performances are my favorite.
  4. No tape known to exist but some good info in the Timeline - http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/august-24-1971
  5. favorite version: http://www.ledzeppelin.com/achilles-last-stand-live-1977 6/23/77
  6. Jimmy Page never used an Ibanez double-neck guitar.
  7. There are hundreds of cheap bootleg compilations like those, not from one of the better boot labels.
  8. I had one of those HUGE collage posters with 1973/1975 photos and the Robert Plant "dove" poster.
  9. I'm looking forward to seeing this tour.
  10. http://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/tops..._at_auction.php WALTHAMSTOW: William Morris tapestry fails to sell at auction By Sarah Cosgrove Part of Sir Edward Burne-Jones' tapestry A TAPESTRY made in William Morris's workshop and owned by Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page went under the hammer at Sotheby's. The Pre-Raphelite work, by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, which was expected to sell for £1 million was auctioned but did not reach its reserve price. But other work by Burne-Jones, as well as pieces by Morris himself and Frank Brangwyn did sell at the famous Bond Street auction h
  11. http://www.metro.co.uk/fame/article.html?i...mp;in_page_id=7
  12. from Matt Sorum's blog: HANGIN BACKSTAGE WITH MR. ROBERT PLANT 03.22.08 After the last couple of days, and all the craziness Had a really cool surprise, Robert Plant came into our dressing room and we had a nice sit down with him for a least an hour. Its so weird, even though here I am playing in bands for all these years and meeting so many famous musicians and people. This was really a highlight. What a great guy. Have met him before when I was with the Cult. He came to a show at Manchester Apollo. As well as last time with VR there. Tonight was just cool and more intimate I guess We
  13. short home movie Bath '70 film surfaced last year. http://www.ukrockfestivals.com/bA1.html
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