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    ZEPPELIN! Jamming with my band, listening to music, having a good time with my friends
  1. The station I listen to in New Zealand has 53 Led Zeppelin songs they play (55 technically, they play Heartbreaker/Living Loving Maid and Your Time Is Gonna Come/Black Mountain Side). They are playing Travelling Riverside Blues at the moment, and they played Down By The Seaside before
  2. In My Time of Dying - Destroyer (27-4-77), pretty damn good
  3. good old Bonzo! Yeah I know Jimmy did quite a few backups in the studio which aren't too bad (couldn't see him being the lead singer...) and we have all heard JPJ sing The Battle of Evermore... but thanks Was pretty happy when the local radio station actually played Bron-Y-Aur Stomp the other day
  4. I am watching the Led Zep DVD that I brought the other day (for $20 NZD!!!!), and I noticed during Bron-Y-Aur Stomp there clearly are backing vocals during that song? Or is it some weird PA effect that makes it seem like there is? If there are backing vocals, who would it be (I know it's not Page, you can clearly see him rocking out and not singing) Would anyone be able to shed some light? Thank you
  5. Wow! I just got back from the Auckland concert on the 28th April. A whopping 20 songs were performed, with more than usual from Houses of the Holy to celebrate the album turning 40. I was so incredibly excited when I arrived. Having no opening act and a long length, I knew these guys would put on a show for us down here tonight. A light accidentally shined on Jimmy just before the performance and we saw him standing with his double neck Gibson, so we all knew what we would start with. The Song Remains the Same was so good. It segued into Celebration Day perfectly, and was the best performance of Celeberation Day I have ever heard. The fast furious intro to Out on the Tiles began, but before we could start singing "as I walked down the highway", Robert went on a tangent and sung "hey hey mama". Black Dog was amazing. The dirty riff to The Rover started and I expected it to segue into Sick Again as it has done many times, but no! The Rover was displayed in it's full glory. After that came a slightly shorter version of Nobody's Fault but Mine, then an amazing version of Over the Hills and Far Away. Since I've Been Loving You was also a bit shorter, and half the solo was the Tea for One solo instead! No Quarter stuck to a similar length to the album cut but was just as touching as a 25 minute version. Jimmy joked "I wish I didn't write so many songs in different tunings" before he started into the beautiful The Rain Song. JPJ even had his Mellotron on display! Kashmir was next, and it blew me away. Best version I have ever heard. Trampled Under Foot was good, but that was overshadowed by that familiar descending bass intro to Dazed and Confused. Running around 8 and a half minutes, this included some parts of How Many More Times which made me smile. Robert exclaimed "this is one of Jimmy's favourites and I believe a few bands have copied this song as a guide to their entire music collection" before laughing. Achilles' was up next, and it rocked! Jimmy fooled around with a violin bow for a few minutes before Robert sung "In the eveeeeeeeening". This turned out to be half In the Evening, half Carouselambra. Perfect. The last song for the main set had to be Stairway to Heaven, and a 10 minute version! The first encore had started off with Rock and Roll. It really showed that Jason had to be John's son, there was no way around it. The crowd went mad when the opening chords to Whole Lotta Love were played, this time there was no theremin solo sadly, but The Crunge was played in it's entirety instead in the medley. The second encore was just as spectacular, with Heartbreaker opening it up. That solo sounds as good in 2013 as it did in 1969 (not that I was born then...). Communication Breakdown was a bit more reserved on Robert's plant, but Jimmy let the guitar speak for everyone. The final song had to be The Ocean, and all four members said the Auckland concert was one of the smaller, but had one of the loudest voices.
  6. this is going to be hard... 1) Ten Years Gone 2) Achilles' Last Stand 3) The Rain Song 4) In the Evening 5) How Many More Times honourable mention to Dazed and Confused, I'm Gonna Crawl, When the Levee Breaks, What Is and What Should Never Be and Over The Hills and Far Away
  7. LZ 1 - Dazed and Confused LZ 2 - What Is and What Should Never Be LZ 3 - Since I've Been Loving You LZ 4 - Four Sticks HOTH - Over the Hills and Far Away / The Rain Song PG - The Rover P - Achilles Last Stand ITTOD - Carouselambra
  8. all three songs would be in my top 15 zeppelin songs...I love all three but I have to give it to ALS. But the other two are amazing too.
  9. Houses is definitely my favourite album (I cannot stand D'yer Mak'er though) it would be literally a tie between OTHAFA and The Rain Song
  10. The Rover, VERY closely followed by Ten Years Gone and In My Time of Dying.
  11. joshcoote

    heeey :)

    hey I am Josh and I just registered Can't wait to talk to people who have the same passion as me (LZ of course) I only recently got into them and my God...where have they been all my life?!
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