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  1. Happy Birthday my friend !

  2. Happy Birthday Al

    Hope lifes treating ya good !

  3. Happy Birthday PlanetPage ! Hope you have a wonderful day

  4. Happy Birthday ol timer..lol. All the best

  5. Happy Birthday

  6. Happy Birthday my friend

  7. We had another relatively mild winter but had some snow a week or so ago. As usual, lots of rain..lol.

    Saw the JBLZE in Seattle in late Nov. Had a great time down there !

  8. Happy Birthday ! Hope you have a great day

  9. Hiya ! Nice to see you back.

  10. Happy Birthday Mandy !

  11. ally

    Happy Birthday my friend

  12. Hiya missy , thanks for adding me as a friend ! Look forward to seeing you out there

  13. Happy Birthday my man. Radio Moscow is being well listened too

  14. Happy Birthday !

    Thanks for the Radio Moscow tip...love em'

  15. Happy Birthday Kido

  16. Happy Birthday !

  17. You make this site a pleasure to be on Steve.

    Your passion to the cause is second to none.

    This forum just wouldn't be the same without you


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