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  1. Thank you for the kind Birthday wishes everyone . Life's busy at the moment but all is well .
  2. Thanks again everyone. I must say that I'm totally chuffed . What a great group of friends I have
  3. Thank you everyone and a belated Happy Birthday to April Lynn too
  4. Have a great time and stay in the short stuff !
  5. I'll second that ! Good luck Planted
  6. Hendrix... Cry Of Love. Full album. Sounds as relevant today as the day it was released in 1970. Wonderful stuff
  7. Not quite but very close. Sounds like you may have had fish and chips at Dave's or maybe enjoyed a nice dinner at the Steveston Seafood House ! Planted...hey, maybe everyone doesn't but you and I both know that KB's heart and soul are in the right place. I love him like a brother but I wouldn't trade places with him if you paid me. That said, he's a proud man and wouldn't complain to save his life
  8. Your thoughts are not meaningless KB . Never were, never will be. On that note, I hope DL will accept a chin up from both of us
  9. ally

    Oh CANADA!

    Yep, he's getting wayyyy tooo much air play . The media should be focusing on the Feds and the provinces . Too much stuff sliding under the radar
  10. There's always hope that we were wrong and Vlad did indeed get a few photo's of the bands performance. It's also possible that there'll be photo's from Zeppelin's Vancouver shows circa 68-71. Regardless though, given the era and what Vancouver was like during those times, I think this book will be full of interesting stuff and I'm really looking forward to having my own copy. Okay...back on topic
  11. Yep ! For those who may not know, the book may contain a number of photo's of Zep in Vancouver and Seattle circa 68- 72 . One thing we do know for sure, is that Vlad was sent on assignment to cover and photograph the Seattle Pop Festival in July of 1969.
  12. Steve, for reasons you'll well understand, I thought you might find this interesting http://newstarbooks....ffs-viewfinder/
  13. Happy Birthday Walter ! Have yourself a great one
  14. Belated Happy Birthdays to Virginia , Angel With A Broken Wing and CP Happy Birthday RH !!!
  15. ally

    Oh CANADA!

    All too often Juliet, those federal transfer payments just end up in our provincial government slush funds.
  16. Actually, it was Motherwell fans who sang that to him.
  17. Happy Birthday Anjin-san Happy Birthday Missytootsweet And a belated Happy Birthday to you too Planted Hope all of you enjoyed and are enjoying
  18. Congrats Slave ! Your husband is a very lucky man . Hope the two of you have a great trip
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