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  1. This is a live compilation dedicated to all the good people here. It can be found if you are "Hungry"......... The discussions on this board "Led" me to a "Lotta" the music contained here.(Special thanks as well to "The Year of Led Zeppelin" Blog!) I tried to use the best sources as well as keep a semblance of a real show. Pardon the heavy leaning towards '77, but that's the year I saw my only Zep show (6-13-77). If any creative souls out there would like to create some cd artwork for this comp, please feel free. And Enjoy!! Disc 1 The Song Remains the Same - Los Angeles 6-21-77 The Rover/Sick Again - Los Angeles 6-21-77 Nobody's Fault But Mine - Los Angeles 6-21-77 Over The Hills And Far Away - Los Angeles 6-23-77 In My Time Of Dying - Los Angeles 6-25-77 Since I've Been Loving You - Berkeley 9-14-71 No Quarter - Knebworth 8-4-79 Ten Years Gone - Copenhagan 7-24-79 Disc 2 Tangerine - Earl's Court 5-24-75 Kashmir - Los Angeles 6-25-77 Trampled Underfoot - Berlin 7-7-80 Dazed And Confused - NYC 9-19-70 Evening Achilles Last Stand - NYC 6-13-77 Stairway To Heaven - NYC 6-13-77 Whole Lotta Love - Copenhagan 7-24-79 Disc 3 (Bonus) Train Kept A Rollin' - Hannover 6-24-80 Heartbreaker - Vienna 3-16-73 Organ Intro - Orlando 8-31-71 Thank You - Orlando 8-31-71 Whole Lotta Love - Hamburg 3-21-73 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love - Hamburg 3-21-73 Whole Lotta Love (Reprise) - Hamburg 3-21-73 Boogie Chillun'/You're So Square(Baby I Don't Care) - Hamburg 3-21-73 Let's Have A Party - Hamburg 3-21-73 I Can't Quit You Baby - Hamburg 3-21-73 The Lemon Song - Hamburg 3-21-73 Whole Lotta Love (Finale) - Hamburg 3-21-73 Stand By Me - Osaka 10-9-72 Immigrant Song - 10-9-72
  2. I think he means that era of Zep didn't have those later songs in the setlist as they were yet to be conceived. That's why every year and every tour should be evaluated and cherished on it's own merits.
  3. Best WLL ever. Hamburg 3-21-73. Theramin Freak out..Check. Oldies Medley.. Check James Brown shout out..Check D'yer Maker snippet..Check And soundboard to boot!
  4. Plant now channeling James Brown, Sam and Dave and a little D'yer Maker on WLL. This is good! Hamburg 73.
  5. Listening to Hamburg Dazed now. Top ten for sure. Its on Double Nickels right now. Get it while its hot.
  6. Watch or listen to Earl's Court '75 Trampled and call it Disco Zeppelin. I dare you.
  7. Boy, Train Kept A-Rollin' from Hannover '80 smokes! Gives '69 a run for it's money.
  8. 6-13-77. Best Achilles Ever. How Bonzo's drum kit survived this one, only the Gods know.
  9. Someone just upped this at 10 Pennies. Listening now at full throttle and it delivers! Yes, the recording is a bit distant, but oh, the atmosphere! The energy of the crowd is clearly driving the boys to up their game. Thanks to everyone here for pointing me to this one. PS Looking forward to Sue's review.
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