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  1. A million thanks Sue. The link was very helpful, and it led me to David Allen (who I now see has posted on this forum). What an amazing picture that is. Anyway - hope you're doing well.
  2. Thanks Sue - it's been a long time since I posted here, but I always appreciated your insights. Any idea where I can get my hands on a quality print of this? You may remember that I'm a '77 fanatic, and this is the image that I've been waiting to come across - it really speaks to me, in terms of the magic of the '77 tour.
  3. Can anyone tell me more about the '77 pic above? Never seen it before - I'd love to get a poster of that.
  4. "Ten Years Gone" - June 25, 1977. L.A. Forum. Jimmy is amazing on this version.
  5. Try "Burnside On Burnside" a great live album recorded by the legendary RL Burnside. You won't be disappointed.
  6. Rob was great in 77. Rough shows? Yeah, obviously the last leg of the tour especially had some difficulties. But for most of the tour, his control, his tone, his emotion...and yes his range (he gained some lows for the lost highs, to an overall advantage in my opinion) all add up to a really impressive tour for Rob. Just listen to almost any Going To California from that tour and you'll hear an emotionally deep yet professional Rob that had never been heard before.
  7. You are so very lucky.... If you ever want to write like, 500 pages about it, you have at least one avid reader here. That Kashmir performance in particular means a lot to me.
  8. mielazul

    last concert

    When you read about this in the Hoskyns book, it's kind of interesting because you get the very strong impression that Richard Cole was kind of hurt that John Bindon was brought in and was kind of edging in on his territory in a way. I say it's interesting because you don't usually think of big bad Richard Cole as having hurt feelings. There's a Disney movie in there somewhere...or maybe not.
  9. mielazul

    last concert

    I think Grant's son was just removing the sign as a souvenir. Not to justify the extreme measures taken, but you don't have to be on cocaine to get enraged when a grown man slaps your 11-year old son. There was some weak talk like the boy was just pushed...and that the kid was getting defiant when he was told to put the sign back. Fucking whatever. If you're a grown man, don't come crying to me if you start manhandling some kid and then giant papa bear shows up with his buddies. And as far as being above the law...well, they were arrested, but ended up getting off with fines for trapping
  10. Yeah, I'm like following in your footsteps today, having the same reactions.
  11. Honeydrip, the Coverdale/Page album seems to be held in pretty high esteem around here by a lot of people. I love it, "Waiting On You" in particular comes to mind as a great song. The production is amazing, too. As far as Page/Plant...I thought No Quarter was brilliant, and although it was mostly Zep tunes, I loved the reworkings, especially Kashmir. I thought that live Kashmir performance was one of the high points of their career. This stuff is subjective, of course, and that opinion/feeling is wrapped up in some personal stuff. I loved Yallah, but that opinion is hard to separate fro
  12. ^^^ Hey Monkey, there's a thread in this section under a title like "bootlegs with perfect sound and performance," or something similar to that. If you're not totally up on all the recordings that are out there, and are searching for live recordings with good sound, that might give you some ideas. I can't remember if they're mentioned, but the 5/25 and 5/30 Landover 77 soundboards that just came out under the title "Double Shot" are really good.
  13. This recording (and the story behind it) was a big thrill for me to discover when I first joined here. It's still awesome. Thanks to everybody involved for making it available and sounding so good.
  14. Just to weigh in a bit more, I do love all eras of Zep, and if I had to pick their collective, technical peak (including Plant) I think it would be the US tour of 72. Plant had his vox totally intact, and the band were just unbelievably on top of their game. Plus, that 72 tour comes with the added bonus of being a very happy time for the band, and those good vibes really came out in the shows. Having said that though, the vibe of the band onstage in the "middle later era" - mainly 77 - just sounded so fucking epic and huge...gods more than humans...and even though I like happy positive vib
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