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  1. A million thanks Sue. The link was very helpful, and it led me to David Allen (who I now see has posted on this forum). What an amazing picture that is. Anyway - hope you're doing well.
  2. Thanks Sue - it's been a long time since I posted here, but I always appreciated your insights. Any idea where I can get my hands on a quality print of this? You may remember that I'm a '77 fanatic, and this is the image that I've been waiting to come across - it really speaks to me, in terms of the magic of the '77 tour.
  3. Can anyone tell me more about the '77 pic above? Never seen it before - I'd love to get a poster of that.
  4. "Ten Years Gone" - June 25, 1977. L.A. Forum. Jimmy is amazing on this version.
  5. This recording (and the story behind it) was a big thrill for me to discover when I first joined here. It's still awesome. Thanks to everybody involved for making it available and sounding so good.
  6. I also love 6/25/72 - they sounded so joyous then, especially on Bron Yr Aur Stomp. I always think of summer 72 as the tour with the most positive vibe. Generally, the 77 acoustic sets are my favorite, and just off the top of my head I'm thinking of 4/28/77 as one that really moved me. 6/21 is great...so many from 77.
  7. Hey, LTT, I'll give it another listen. Eddie is my favorite show of all time, but it's been while (I tend to save it for special occasions now, such is my reverence). Thanks for the motivation.
  8. Don't get cynical - there's no such thing as too much Sue! Quick...somebody say something UNPREDICTABLE!!! To be honest, it would be hard NOT to mention the O2 version...but I already did my part with the Page Plant selection, didn't I?
  9. Sorry if I'm straying a little here, but I have to mention the Page/Plant No Quarter version of Kashmir. What an absolutely brilliant, magical performance!
  10. For those who like the funk-rock side of the Stones, check this mix some guy on youtube made of dance pt. 1 and dance pt. 2. I think it sounds awesome.
  11. Your contributions are very appreciated, Mark. Thank very much - and keep 'em coming!
  12. Tic Tac is saying that, in his opinion, the "technical peak" of the band doesn't correspond to their "composing peak." So you don't get to hear them play some mid and late era classics with the flawless fluency of the earlier days. That's a common view, although I actually think that they played with a maturity and confidence and generally a much broader artistic vision in the later years that totally made up for the lack of technical perfection. In fact, I think in some cases, the supposed lack of perfection was actually a deliberate change of style...for the better in my opinion. That's not an effort to make excuses for the occasional disasters. Anyway...if I did you a disservice in my translation, Tic Toc, I'm sorry.
  13. ^^^ Sorry Amstel, I felt such enthusiastic agreement when I read the first few sentences of your post, I went ahead and wrote mine without reading the rest. Now I see I repeated a lot of what you said! Well...great minds think alike? I'll go with that excuse.
  14. ^^^ I couldn't agree more about Dallas, 75, Amstel. This is THE bootleg I use to "convert" people - casual Zep fans who aren't fanatics. I play it because of the great recording AND performance...and believe me, I've made some converts with it, especially once they hear Over The Hills And Far Away. IMTOD is pretty impressive, too. So yeah, I think this is one of those shows that someone knocked a while back (cough - Luis Rey - cough) and then it went into echo chamber effect, as so often happens. Robert seemed to be somewhat annoyed that the audience was a bit dull that night...but the band was doing great, in my opinion.
  15. You have such an awesome photo collection DZ. I've really appreciated your generosity on so many of your posts. Thanks very much for sharing.
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