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  1. Could the fact that Crowley wrote something about Zeppelins when he was a journalist in USA have an impact on Page naming the band Led Zeppelin? I understand that the phrase mentioned by Keith Moon (or Entwistle) was Lead Balloon not Zeppelin. Just a thought, correct me if I'm wrong about the balloon/zeppelin thing.
  2. The best example of this in my opinion is Pamela Des Barres who until this day lives off these guys' fame. Even in her sixties she is still convinced that her relationship with Page was something very special, I think he called her a bimbo or something like that, but I'm not sure. In my opinion, she is a bit delusional.
  3. I am sorry if this doesn't belong here, but I just wanted to ask if anyone knows which Zeppelin lyrics were written by Jimmy? And were the lyrics for Tangerine written by Keith Relf and Dazed and Confused by Robert? Thanks
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