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  1. There is an article in the timeline section of this site that mentions a firm called mobil tape and a man named Newsome but i couldn't find anything in a search
  2. YeS WOW. That pic diffinetly shows a camera at the stage with a cloce up of Page. The red light is "on" on the camera but Icondo123, is that Pontiac?
  3. Does any know if the band knew it was going to be the largest crowd that they ever played in front of?
  4. He played some of the star spangled banner at Pontiac'77
  5. Does anyone know if the band knew before the show that the '77 gig in Pontiac was going to be their largest crowd to date?
  6. I googled the K-wings and it said those jerseys were worn in the late '70s but still could have been in '75. Great pics. Cant believe He is wearing it in L.A.
  7. Happy Birthday Jimmy!
  8. what im saying is 20 years from now the number of people that will pay top dollar for it will drop dramatically
  9. if there is a video of this concert they should hurry up and put it out before everyone dies that want to buy it. it been long enough lets see it. this new generation wont pay as much for it as mine would. get it while you can
  10. Thanks again David. the ones from my home town always intrest me. Never seen Zep(to young) but seen The Firm both times at JLA and The "No Quarter" tour both times at The Palace of Alburn Hills. Jimmy had a little scare at the show in '95
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