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  1. I feel so priviledge to have seen Michael live and to have met him, spoken with him and shared a laugh and a hug. I got his autograph and and a pic with him and he was so affable and telling stories about Jimmy. He was amazing. It was May 6th, 2006 and a night I'll never forget. He absolutely floored the audience with a massive and epic drum solo and won us all over. I knew of him from his work with Page and Plant of course, but I got to know his work beyond just that when he teamed up with a musician named Jeff Martin and played on his 2006 album Exile and the Kingdom and they set out on tour
  2. Yay! Thank you You did reply, but I just wanted to double check. I can't wait till you hear that it's in Jimmy's hands!
  3. The book is as stunning as the man it's made for is a visionary musician. It's an amazing accomplishment and it goes without saying that he will be astonished, grateful and deeply touched. I hope my entry made the cut
  4. The Incredible String Band is another to try. They were an influence on Robert, particulary the "Hangman's Beautiful Daughter". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incredible_String_Band
  5. My entire fashion sense is based on a single question - "Would Robert Plant have worn this in the 70s?" If the answer is yes, then I'll wear it. Fortunately, I have an innante fashion sense that allows me to accessorize aptly and to quote Tim Gunn,"Make it work."
  6. That would be phenomenal and my choice also. The Sorcerer and the Apprentice! And Roy Harper can be there too.
  7. Thank you so much for the play by play, I can only imagine what it was really like, but hopefully youtube and other avenues will provide I'm still just amazed it even happened.
  8. To be honest, Hang-man, I think your back piece is very well balanced as it is and adding another element on the right would drag it down. A large shadow would make this very light and air elemental piece feel too heavy. How's about adding colors to the sky and having them fill in your open right area. Tonight in fact, as the Pineapple Express pushed a majoy storm out of the sky, the very orange sky had streaks of bright blue underneath it that were totally brilliant. How's about light blues, bright blues and sky blues at the horizon, moving up thru the orange sky and then adding in some pi
  9. If you upload to photobucket.com, it'll automatically downsize them.
  10. songbird - yes, ankle bones hurt a whole bunch too, tho not as much as the spine. I have a Tolkien ode on my ankle and the beginning of the swoosh was killer, I could actually feel the needle bouncing off the bone.
  11. Alot of magick is based on intent. Symbological magick is merely a medium and tho symbols can possess great power in and of themselves, their power is weakened when you do not wholehearted believe or understand their meaning. Therefore Jimmy's symbol may have a great secret meaning and power, but only to him, to us it means whatever Jimmy means to us. That's my interpretation of it.
  12. songbird - Hurt like a mofo on the spine, but the rest was down right pleasant. Well, except the spirals, as he did them twice, once with water to preserve the complicated pattern, then over that wound with the ink. The Zep symbols however were practically painless. And the bird is a crow - I took this image of a crow taking off and asked the tattooist to make it "pictish" style a la Uffington Horse. Might be tough to get the Jimmy symbol on your ankle, as there isn't much room and it's bony, a few inches above the ankle would work tho. Hang-man - Do you have a larger picture of your bac
  13. DOH! Forgot Jimmy! The piece is an ode to things Celtic, mythical and magical - into which LZ fit perfectly. And thanks for the compliments on the tats folks
  14. You may notice that Bonzo's is on the wrong angle - it's a mistake by the tattooist. I got over it pretty quick, as I figured Bonzo would have a laugh about it and say something to the effect of,"Would be my symbol, wouldn't it?!"
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