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  1. It's been great to see the fan's videos on You Tube and they are to be thanked for going to all trouble in order for the rest of us to get a flavour of what it was like. Here's hoping for an official DVD.
  2. Going to California Thats the Way Heartbreaker The Ocean Immigrant Song Maybe next time ?????????????? if we are so lucky
  3. The You Tube videos were ok on Tuesday, by Wednesday they had been blocked and today (Friday) it looks like they're back on again. The record company can rest assured that no number of audience mobile phone movies will affect future DVD sales, in fact they might actually give DVD sales a boost as fans will get a taste for the show by watching the You Tube samples and then rush out to get the DVD the instant that it hits the shops. There's nothing to beat free publicity and wetting the appetite.
  4. I think all this does is probably rule out Led Zep open air concerts , festivals etc. in Europe for summer of 2008. Our summer is so short that decent weather can only be tentatively guaranteed from about May until the end of August. There might still be some chance of open air gigs in the USA for late summer 2008 perhaps followed by indoor European shows in the autumn. Jimmy Page would be expected to be the driving force behind any more Led Zep concerts and to do that he would need the full and unequivocal support of the other three, including of course Bonzo junior.
  5. Well there's a good chance there'll be some snippets on you tube taken from mobile phones etc. Then it's just a case of hanging on for a DVD.
  6. The only downside to having seen them at their peak on the early 70's means that we aren't exactly spring chickens ourselves now. I even go back as far as seeing the Beatles play live in 1963, admittedly I wasn't all that old at the time thank goodness.
  7. Well Plant is reportedly having trouble hitting some high notes so I don't think the new song will be a screamer from the earlier days, more likely to be a mellow one such as In The Light, Ramble On etc. But wouldn't it be great to hear the Battle Of Evermore with Alison Krauss as guest vocalist.
  8. When I first heard Presence back in 1976 it came as a huge disappointment compared to it's predecessor Physical Graffitti. 30 years on and it's still not a strong album but does have a few hot tracks such as Achilles Last Stand and Nobody's Fault But Mine. No point in messing about with it's running order, after all Sergeant Pepper would never be the same if it didn't finish with "A day in the Life".
  9. Openers are always short and straight to the point. Bearing in mind the setting, re-union, etc. after such a long absence I reckon it's a pretty safe bet that they'll start with Rock and Roll. It will also give the crowd a chance to welcome Bonzo junior to the fold with his closing drum roll at the end of the song.
  10. 1971 and again in 1972, both as part of UK tours. In 1971 they opened with Immigrant Song but by 1972 the opener had changed to Rock and Roll.
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