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  1. BettyPage


    the topic has been partly covered here, check it out http://forums.ledzeppelin.com//index.php?showtopic=360
  2. BettyPage

    You dont like THE CLASH because

    I dont like the clash because i love em
  3. BettyPage

    Great photo essay - worthless narration

    the narrator is such an idiot. you can tell even by the way he talks. and i can't believe he gloats on having overlooked zeppelin for many years due to all the negative things people said about them.
  4. BettyPage

    First Led Zeppelin Stories

    haha well, i was hooked quite fast, i bought the dvd of the movie and "IV" right away, then a couple weeks later, i bought I, II and III, then a few months later i bought houses of the holy and physical graffiti and just a couple months ago i got in through the out door, presence and Coda. well, i bought led zeppelin with every bunch of pesos i could gather. oh and i just got mothership. I'm still trying to get the Led Zeppelin DVD and How The West Was Won. I'd be quite happy then thanks for being my friends!!! (L)
  5. BettyPage

    First Led Zeppelin Stories

    It has been a little more than a year since the first time i heard Zeppelin. I'm 20, and i come from a family that has no musical interests at all. I've been a little rocker all my life, even as i had no friends who i could share it with, and my family wasn't supporting me or helping me through at all. I discovered the little music i could through this past 19 years from one random event to another. And my discovery of led zep is the perfect example. while zapping, i came across a station i never watch, which broadcasts only very old movies and series, and they were showing "the song remains the same". I stopped there, all astouned and with my jaw to the floor. i'd never heard rock n roll like that before. i remember thinking to myself: "now THAT is what music sounds like". It changed my life, i tell you. i dropped law school, started my professional musician carreer and now i have a lot of musician friends to help me on my rockin and introduce me to all this amazing music, i dont have to rock solo anymore!!! i worship led zeppelin, for all they were, they are and what they mean to me. (yeah, a pretty hardcore fan, for only one year huh!?)
  6. BettyPage

    Your dream Jimmy Page collaboration...

    i'm sooo disappointed that i can't be the first to say that. but.... ME!!!
  7. BettyPage

    Led Zeppelin "tattoos"

    ^ those look amazing!!! =D
  8. BettyPage

    Hot pics of Jimmy

  9. BettyPage

    Jimmy singing?

    WOW! i had no idea that band existed... is that a rolling stone playing sax??? well anyways thanks for the video, jimmy looks great!!! edit: and another rolling stone playing drums!! i just noticed!
  10. BettyPage

    Pseudonyms For Band/Bandmembers

    so the Black Sabbath album LIED to me? ooooo not cool.
  11. BettyPage

    Pseudonyms For Band/Bandmembers

    haha i knew i had no idea who said it. it was a wild guess! but you gotta admit my reasoning was... well, reasonable. O_o
  12. BettyPage

    Led Zeppelin "tattoos"

    that's a nice thing to think and maybe if i convince myself of it i will finally get the tatoo. =) PS: nice to see tolkien fans around, i'm one too. Aiyä!
  13. BettyPage

    Led Zeppelin "tattoos"

    i'd like to get the zoso symbol... but then again i have no idea what it means, and i cant go around with a tatoo that can mean something i dont like. not that i think any evil of jimmy, or why else would i want his symbol tatooed, but hey...
  14. BettyPage

    Pseudonyms For Band/Bandmembers

    I read in the booklet of a Black Sabbath album that someone (must have been some black sabbath member because if not why would they cover the topic there) told Jimmy Page that naming his new band "the new yardbirds" was gonna "go down like a lead zeppelin" and thats where they got the name for the band, only they spelled it LED so that americans wouldnt mispronounce it. what i wanted to say is, "the NEW yardbirds" was on the table at some point.