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  1. anybody get the feeling that jimmy's manager is just pissed because he saw the gravy train pass right by? Lets face it, with the hype and buzz and all that stuff that the o2 created, Zeppelin was right in front of everyone in the media, and a huge tour would have made a gazillion dollars for all involved. I think that the whole "new singer" thing was just jimmy and the guys, so caught up in the excitement, that they, like many couldn't let it go. anything short of an all in tour I'm sure is a let down for jimmy. I think thats what I feel most badly about. No Zeppelin tour never lets
  2. Anyone give any thought that this whole jimmy, jpj, and jason thing may just wither away without ever coming to fruition.....I wouldn't be happy, but I could see it happening. Especially since it seems like the three of them are pretty disappointed that the tour is not going to happen the way they had originally hoped for.....thoughts?
  3. on kind of a side note here. Am I the only drummer on this forum that doesn't blame Phil Collins for the live aid performance? did anyone hear stairway? tony thompson was the one screwing that up. It came right from Jimmy's mouth that they spent 45 minutes trying to get thompson to learn the intro to rock and roll during rehearsals. and if you watch it, collins is the one playing the 16th notes on the snare during rock and roll...like it's supposed to be played. Playing with 2 drummers requires some musical tact from each drummer...those 2 did not have it together...agreed. but Phil collins
  4. After listening to John Paul Jones what I got out of it was that those 3 wanted to play together...Robert doesn't want to, so they are going to do the new stuff they created with someone else singing. It seems obvious that jimmy, john paul and jason are in the mindset of creating new music..of course with plant on board they could tour as led zeppelin and perform all the songs. but what I heard from jpj is that they want to do something, it's fun, and they are planning it now. after all, they really just found out for sure that robert wasn't in. I can't imagine they are even considering goi
  5. anyone know if there is a known recording of this show...I saw the poster for it hanging on the wall there about a year ago? would love to know if a recording exists....
  6. anyone hear the boot of the second show at the worcester centrum in mass. He dedicates stairway at the end to john bonham..which I thought was very cool. he also calls Durban Laverde his very own "tall cool one", which sounded to me like a little dig at Plant, which I have to admit seems pretty cool right now......I was at the first show there and it was awesome. over the hills, custard pie, and who's to blame being my favorites. my favorite part of listening to those boots is that in typical fashion...jimmy's solos are different every night....just awesome.
  7. obviously this rift between Jimmy and Robert is pretty severe. I've thought that for a while just listening to the tone of jimmy's voice when he answers certain questions...even as far back as the japan interviews you could sense there were tensions. Probably alot further back then that. Since both parties are represented on this board cleary from certain individuals who have inside/accurate info, and both of those parties seem to have expressed a large issue is present, well then I guess we have it... it's too bad that those damn human relationships have to rear up and wreck our tour isn'
  8. I really hope that Jimmy Page wasn't told about Roberts decision in the media...I hope that they discussed it as mates prior...I'm sure they did.....I hope they did......
  9. Jason leaves foreigner......Jimmy and John Paul play with th Foos at wembley. Jimmy plays at the olympics....JPJ conducts on national tv.......this is the most we've seen jimmy and john paul in the mainstream media since zeppelin...it's clear something is going on. Any of you who have been checking out this board for a while will note that a few people who usually are "in the know" have hinted something will be announced soon... Not sure about a tour....or about Roberts status...although i'd imagine he's involved. but something is clearly happening in the Zeppelin camp...can't wait to fi
  10. I submit that in my opinion, Robert Plant is single handedly responsible for Zeppelins "mystique" since the band ceased to exist. Not reforming each time it was brought up has kept the band in almost mythical status. I believe that his reasons were just, although I certainly don't know what they are... If jimmy, john paul, and jason go out on tour as Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant, which first of all is a complete joke, then jimmy and john paul will be responsible for undoing that mystique in one fell swoop. New band, just to be working together....awesome... Led zep without plant.
  11. That kit was sold at sothebys auction just about a year ago for 26,000. nice 20g profit in a short time.
  12. I've read in several ozzy interviews that he loves to tell "john bonham" stories....with the legends of these two's drinking escapades, I bet he has some good ones. wouldn't surprise me a bit if they jammed together....
  13. so it seems Robert has agreed to a full scale zeppelin reformation, at least for a short time, in both 1986, and 1991. No doubt it has been talked about between the 3 of them many more times. if Robert ever gets the feeling it would be fun and refreshing, I wouldn't be suprised if he agreed to it again, and carried it out..maybe even for Jason more than anything...from some of the interviews with he and Robert I get the feeling there was some unfinished business of sorts, at least to talk thru between the two up until recently anyway.... hell I don't understand most of my own relationshi
  14. I think if we could ask bonzo what he would want...he'd want jason to play with them, and for them to make music together again. They honored him very well, and if it wasn't jason, I would be against a reunion. Any of you fathers out there would be proud to have your son carry on your craft after you were gone, wouldn't you?? Jason was awesome at the o2. 2 bars late on dazed or not....
  15. It all started with "that ought to go over like a lead zeppelin" the great thing about a being a journalist or a meteorologist....you can be right 30 only 30 percent of the time and continue to be thought of as good at your job....of course only by your peers in the industry....
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