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  1. Was Mondays Show better Than Others? Was it better than Led Zeppelins shows in the seventies? Was it better than some of their newer shows? In my oppinion, i think the new technology and stuff really helped to improve the quality of their music. And they had the best setlist ever is what I heard. I love In My Time of Dying. Its awesome.
  2. He's definately the most creative of his era and most definately one of the best. But there is no "best" at "guitar" ya gotta go into certain playing categories such as blues and metal. But no doubt about it he is he most creative. Therefore he's my favorite.
  3. What's Your Favorite Guitar that Jiimy Page Plays? Gibson Maruader? Gibson Sunburst Les Paul? Gibson EDS 1275? Gibson Black Bueaty Les Paul? or Fender Telecaster?
  4. i didnt post this to cause fighting. but if they were to do one more show it'll most likely be where the majority of their fans are. everyone deserves a show just as much as americans do.
  5. In my oppinion, Led Zeppelin should at least do one more united states tour. Its not that they owe us one, its just that alot of their fans live here in the us and not all of us can afford to fly over to London to see our favorite band play. I think that they should find it in their good hearts to gives us young fans that weren't able to get to see them live at least one chance to do so. Because I'd do anything to have been born forty years ago to see the true founders of rock play. If they give us one, like many others, I'd be happy for life, but if they don't, its their decision. I mean they can't be too old for it, BB king does it.
  6. 1) Stairway to Heaven 2) Heartbreaker 3) Tangerine 4) Down by the Seaside 5) Whole Lotta Love 6) Living Loving Maid 7) Black Dog 8) Dazed and Confused 9) Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 10) Gallows Pole Can I do Thirty?
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