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  1. I can't choose.... damn it my brain hurts....
  2. I can't remember the song very well. Probably Sick Again, Kashmir or In My Time of Dying. Either way, Physical Graffiti was the first album I heard. I don't remember which was the song I heard first, though. I agree with TBlacK457. Only some few bands have caused the same effect of liking all their repertory. With LZ it was progressive, and this album was the beginning.
  3. Hahaha good point. I was watching the O2 interviews and JPJ simply stopped listening to the questions since none of them were for him... at one point he just says he wasn't listening at all. Definitely one of the most underrated and overlooked musicians ever!
  4. Thank you very much Steve. I'll look them up. I'm really trying to get all the information out of him. You're right. Drummers are always left behind in a band haha. people don't realize they're the ones that keep everything going. The worse thing is that the lack of interviews make it very hard to find out Bonham's secrets.
  5. I have noticed there are very few interviews with Bonzo. As a drummer this is kind of a bummer. I was wondering if the reason why I can't find more interviews is because they are somewhere hidden, or he has in fact avoided them and only made a couple. I only know three, one in 1970, one in 1980 and one with Roy Carr, which I don't know the date.
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