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  1. That's another good pick. Grohl gets my utmost respect for his talent and his utmost respect for rock history.
  2. I think Plant likes those guys, and the one song I heard would be cool. I agree that Aerosmith would be cool. But I'd like to see Metallica and Zeppelin on a double bill. Old school fans may disagree, but I still think it would be epic.
  3. I think there is a *chance* A small, but definite, chance of a few US dates. I'm certainly hoping...
  4. Me too! Most of the songs off of Mighty Rearranger would be a good fit too- if they chose to do that. All the King's Horses and Tin Pan Valley would be wonderful.
  5. Of course I want new music. I think most would. The only reason I would vote "no" because of their larger than life legacy. Expectations would be so high, that even a very solid album by all other standards could come out as a mediocre effort and would give the naysayers a reason to say "I told you so". At the same time, trying to 'top' or 'outdo' themselves would make it seem too forced and contrived. Anyway, I would love to see it because I believe that if they did decide to do it, that they would all expect the very best out of it. If they really want to do it, and enjoy making it, it will be good.
  6. I voted for Achilles. Both others are classic, and perhaps it's because they are still in heavy rotation, but it seems out of those 3 that Achilles does the best job of summing up the energy and uniqueness of Zep.
  7. So very tough... I thought it may be a little more even spread,but my pick of "Levee" seems to be the overwhelming leader so far...
  8. Of course it's tough, but I'm going with GT/BT.
  9. I think they will play some more shows. In what capacity, I can't guess, but only hope. I believe most would agree that an extensive world tour is improbable. However, I get the vibe that they're open to more than just this one show at this point. I think their legacy is something that is very important. With this show (though I wasn't there), they seemed to have set it right. On one hand, ending it that way would be great. On the other, it would be a shame to not continue on a bit. Clearly-at their age and place in life- they are not looking to re-create 1975. But they seem to have proven they can reunite with energy and integrity. Here's what I would love to see happen that I believe is within the realm of possibility: Get back in the studio and record a new album (?!) All new stuff. I can't say I was a fan of Walking Into Clarksdale, but I believe that with the four of these guys together and with this new spark, they are capable of writing a solid full length release. A couple of festivals with some other big names (I know some may disagree, but a one time show with Metallica would be about the biggest bill ever) and limited date world tour. I don't know much about tours/schedules, but if they make a few stops at each continent, that would be realistic. Even 4-5 shows in the U.S. (where I reside) would be fantastic. I'd go to either coast if I had to and would definitely love a Chicago show (only 6-7 hours away) At any rate, I think a steady paced approach to writing a final, solid -but slightly more humble- chapter in their larger than life legacy could really be the icing on the cake.
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