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  1. "....(One of) two sports utility vehicles (SUV) believed to be transporting Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, two of Led Zeppelin's founder members, depart federal court in Los Angeles."
  2. A quick look at the list of showings reveals that 'Celebration Day' is NOT playing in.....Indiana, which of course is a shocking oversight that I presume will be immediately addressed. So. I'm WAITING.
  3. Thanks for the kind words, Steve. It was..... really strange for all of us Led Heads to have The Man here in town, flying in and getting cheerleaders to greet the band and all that. Jeez, we couldn't believe he was here AT ALL. I believe that - somewhere - I have the ticket. I'll keep up the hunt. I do know of one person with an audience recording - or he USED to have the audience recording. I've contacted him, and I'll post an update as events warrant. And a thanks to you for being a great resource over the years, especially since the official site came on line. Love to see yer p
  4. The Firm Purdue University - Elliott Hall of Music West Lafayette, Indiana April 29, 1986 Hey. That's the Hall of Music. And I was at that show, seventh row center (more or less). GREAT SHOW. FANTASTIC SHOW. Ideal venue for The Firm. Acoustically warm and an enormous stage (90 ft proscenium) for prowling rock stars. Very intimate, even with 6,000 seats. The place was designed by the same folks that designed Radio City Music Hall. Very similar in many ways. I was living in sin (and I mean SIN) with my (now) wife. She wasn't interested in Zeppelin/Jimmy, but she humored
  5. Holy cow. This is absurd, bickering like small children. Y'all need to cool it. I don't wanna have to pull this forum over and come back there..........
  6. Percy with....his.....bike. In Boulder, CO. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmehal/3018889143/ The photog says that he "took this picture of Robert Plant just after meeting him in Boulder CO on 7/21/08, the morning of his concert at Red Rocks with Alison Krauss (Raising Sand Tour). "My Wife and I drove up to Boulder from Denver to go sightseeing (we were in from Georgia for the concert). My Wife stopped and asked him if he knew a good place to get breakfast...she had no clue who he was."
  7. Interesting story here: http://www.bloggernews.net/120117 Dunno about the "unrelated" part, however. "I owned LEDZEPPELIN.com for about 5-6 years. Led Zeppelin then and now is my band. "Ultimately I gave up (the domain name) without a fight, but I’m sure the bands lawyers billed them for the 1 inch thick book of a lawsuit I was served with. "Sorry dudes. My bad. "In this case the lawyers saw an opportunity to build a case against me, a fan that would have been happy with a stupid guitar pick from Jimmy. Instead I sat in silence for a year while they built a huge case as
  8. From Buddy Miller's web site: "Following his show in Baltimore last Thursday evening, Buddy Miller was not feeling well. After consulting doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital, tests revealed some heart blockage. "It was determined that surgery was needed right away. "He is now resting and recovering and expected to be released from hospital shortly. Buddy and his family would like to thank all for their well wishes and prayers." Ugh.
  9. http://wonkette.com/406714/in-olden-times-...uts#more-406714 Very funny, I thought. Cheers
  10. That's AWESOME! Many tons of thanks! T-Bone back there, I see Bill Curbishley. Um, Harvey G. right there, too. Great record, great tour, great organization, great band. C'mon folks, do it AGAIN!!! "On the subject of Merlefest and similar festivals, it's a wonder that John Paul Jones hasn't fallen under nearly the same amount of scrutiny here as Plant and Krauss, especially given his appearances at Merlefest and Bonnaroo where he's appeared with Gillian Welch, the Duhks and Uncle Earl (who's record he also produced). That music is much more "bluegrass" than anything you'll hear on Rai
  11. Holy cow. That really jogged memories for me. Well, fragments of memory anyway. The library in my junior high school had a subscription to People, and that issue was sitting on the librarian's desk. You know, BEHIND the check out desk and IN HER OFFICE. But I could see it as I walked in with the rest of the class. Man, I wanted to get that mag. No one had not heard a peep outta the Zep camp for fookin' AGES at that point. We were STARVING for anything, and there was a COVER story! Woot, woot. Well, I wasn't eggsactly chums with the librarian (I was with the French teacher, but that's
  12. Live Design mag pots this short write-up about the O2 light show. Nice pix! http://livedesignonline.com/concerts/led_z...n_reunite_2501/
  13. As usual, Evster nails it. I've read this piece about Unity before. The first time, I was appalled, but not surprised. It does not take a lot of imagination to realize that these musicians, who realized unprecedented power and wealth (along with complete creative control) allowed things to fly so far out of their control. Jimmy was the leader of the band - and therefore the multi-million dollar organization. How well things functioned (or didn't) likely followed his sobriety, or the lack of it. Clearly, he was addicted. Consider the behavior this situation enables. Think about why people
  14. Excellent post, SC. Many, many thanks. I have been meaning to nose around, find out more about the AMAZING video/media presentation Zep delivered at the O2. This answers many of the questions I had. Well done once more, send more. !!
  15. Go here for more, um, "geeky" info: http://forums.ledzeppelin.com//index.php?s...ost&p=74158 http://forums.ledzeppelin.com//index.php?s...ost&p=75375 The link provided in this thread by KB is a promotional video from Meyer Sound (California, USA), manufacture of the line array system deployed at the O2 for the reunion gig. If you look at the links on the Meyer promotion, you can sign up to get one of their groovy T-Shirts. Enjoy the links provided in the thread copied above. Some nice photos of the FOH board available at the Meyer site. The thread itself was full of
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