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  1. Yes he did play piano, and he played very well. I have a boot of him playing piano in a beautiful 3 minute song I think he wrote.
  2. I just checked, weigh in at 391! On my white MacBook with Leopard. Amazing.
  3. LOL @ my eyes haha. Just before beer pong :D
  4. Congrats! Most ignorant quote of the day!
  5. I was going through the iTunes collection of Zeppelin and comparing it to mine, all complete, ripped from every purchased album available. I noticed that sound quality was very, very good, and much better than what I have already have. Like, compare the drums in Poor Tom, its very noticeable. What do you think of it?
  6. I don't consider it bad news at all! Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/entertainme...20080128?rpc=64
  7. Hey, I ended up using GarageBand 08 instead! I already had a ripped version of the dvd, so just deleted the video portion and am in the process of cutting tracks and renaming. And OH MY does it sound AMAZING! Thanks for all the help!
  8. Hey thanks very much! I'll try these out later today when I have time. I think these should work for ripping the audio off of a DVD, which easentialy what I'm doing, hoping that they can be split into individual tracks. And yes, I'm on a mac. Thanks again!
  9. No not at all, I thought it would get annoying only being in the far right channel/headphone (I'll be listening to it on my iphone... So of anyone has already done this, some help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Heylo! A while back I ripped the Led Zeppelin DVD I had bought into an audio only version, which each song separated, but ripped them into MONO because the guitar track is on the right channel the entire time. (thought it would get annoying). So here I am know desperatly wanting the high quality. The twist is, I know have a Mac and I'm sure its a little different, I don't have the windows DVD Decrypter program. Can anyone help? Or possibly send me some of their copies!? Thanks A Bunch! Kevin
  11. Yeah I like the sound of it, its like they went back to it's roots with it.
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