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  1. So many to choose from and for various reasons but lately I've been listening to 5/17/75 A LOT!!!
  2. ALEast -Yanks AL Central -Minnesota ALWest - Houston Wild Cards - Boston & Cleveland NLEast - Phillies NL-Central-St. Louis NLWest - LA Dodgers Wild Cards - Milwaukee & NY Mets
  3. Wish they'd release more live material for the fans...unedited, including all songs and Plantations. Think they could've done a little bit more with their set lists in 1975...more PG (ie, Custard Pie, Wanton Song..why they stop playing it, Rover) instead of 30 minutes of Moby Dick/Over the Top.
  4. Tonight me and my two boys (ages 7 & 10) are going to see the Zep tribute band No Quarter in my hometown of Milford CT Has anyone ever seen these guys?
  5. My 7 year old son proudly wore his "Raised on Zeppelin" tee shirt to school today.
  6. If I went with top 10 Live songs it would look something like this: In no particular order..... No Quarter 5/17/75 No Quarter 3/21/75 Thank You 8/31/71 Since I've Been Loving You 3/21/70 Since I've Been Loving You 9/14/71 The Song Remains The Same 6/21/77 Kashmir 2/12/75 Dazed & Confused 9/29/71 Stairway To Heaven 5/3/71 How Many More Times 1/9/70
  7. My top ten..."right now" cause other than the top two it changes would be: Kashmir Ten Years Gone Since I've Been Loving You Stairway To Heaven When The Levee Breaks The Song Remains The Same Achilles Last Stand In The Light Over The Hills & Far Away Gallows Pole
  8. Thank you ZepHead315 and the rest of you for the encouragement and kind words. Day by Day.....
  9. Agreed. Much damage has been done. Trust has been broken. If she does want to try to reconcile then we need to be in therapy together to repair and work on our communication with each other. I know another love can/will come my way when the time is right. It's just hard to think about that when I still love my wife.
  10. 3/21/70 is my favorite too. Robert's voice captures the pain perfectly. 9/14/71 because of Jimmy's solo I guess would be my 2nd favorite.
  11. Thanks for the kind words guys. It's sad and true that so many marriages are in a bad space. I know that in time I'll be ok. There is still a small part of me that carries some hope that she'll come around and gives "us" a chance. Despite her moods and how controlling and irrational she can get, she can be so thoughtful and sweet and funny. She's a real hottie and I've grown more attracted to her over the years (shes 41 I'm 49) One foot in front of the other. On a lighter note...I've never really listened to No Quarter from Earl's Court 5/17/75. Wow...just love the part when Bonzo joins in with John Paul. I'm amazed how I'm still amazed with this band.
  12. Speaking of Echoes I've always loved: And no one sings me lullabies And no one makes me close my eyes So I throw the windows wide And call to you across the sky
  13. We did try therapy together but unfortunately she felt that she wasn't willing to work on the marriage. She never gave me any indication that things were very difficult for her. She's always been one to bottle things up. She can be extremely irrational. I've been through the ringer of emotions the past few months, intense anger, sadness and lonlieness. She too is having a hard time cause she knows how badly I'm hurt and that hurts her too. Tells me she doesn't want to feel the way she does but she can't help it. We went through the motions and were able to give our boys a nice Thanksgiving. I got through it ok. I did leave for about 4 hours to visit some cousins and aunt and uncle. At night per our Thanksgiving tradition the 4 of us sat and watched Christmas Vacation together. At times I feel like I'm suffocating when I'm around her....other times I'm ok. For some strange reason Thanksgiving night I was ok. We've told our boys about a month and a half ago about us. Told them that mom and dad don't love each other (I couldn't tell them that mom doesn't love dad anymore cause I can't have them be upset with just her) anymore in the adult way. We met as strangers and choose each other. That adult love is very different than the love parents have for their kids. That kind of love never goes away. The 10 year old had a hard time the first couple weeks but is fine now The 7 year old is completely unfazed.
  14. So I've been with the love of my life for 18 years. Married for 15 with 2 awesome boys of 10 and 7. The past 3 months I've been dealing with the fact that my wife isn't in love with me anymore and we are heading for a divorce. We have the 2 boys and share a home where I now sleep in a separate room. The divorce probably won't happen till some time next year as we deal with some financial issues my wife is dealing with (she's awful with money and we have separate accounts) so she can't afford to handle things on her own. We are both excellent parents and we both don't want to take the kids from each other. My beautiful wife has been diagnosed with PTST from her childhood and that has played a huge roll in where we are right now. I've been a Zep Head since 8th grade (1984). Discovered all the boots on-line about 6 years ago and its enhanced my love for Zep 100%. I don't go a day without listening to Zep and I have over 200 boots on my IPOD and computer. My wife and kids love them as well...never as much as me but they get into it. For example I've played Stairway from 5/3/71 Copenhagen for my wife and 10 year old and they were amaed at how angelic and powerful Roberts's voice is in that version. They get the fury and excitement of the first few minutes of 6/21/77. My 10 year old loves the solo 0f Thank You from 8/31/71 and the transition from Black Mountainside to Kashmir also from 6/21/77. My 7 year old loves the 2003 DVD and Celebration Day DVD and wants a new Zep tee shirt for Christmas. We've been going to Martha's Vineyard every summer for the past 6 years and even had Peter Simon (he took the famous "I'm A Golden God" photo from March 1975) take photos of the 4 of us on the vineyard that made the paper and a Vineyard Photobook. I'm in pain. I love my wife. I love my family of 4. The past few months I've put together a playlist I listen to on my hour long commute into work. Since I've Been Loving You 3/21/70 Vancouver. Plants delivery is spot on. Ten Years Gone and In The Light Studio versions. Stairway 5/3/71. Thank You 6/25/72 and 7/29/73. Anyone out there deal with a divorce they never wanted to happen? My boys, some family and Zeppelin (and Scotch) are trying to get me through this. Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble but ive had a few drinks while typing this listening to 8/31/71 Orlando.
  15. I enjoy reading them. I too like getting other opinions from fans. Personally 2/12, 3/12 & 3/21 are my 75 favorites. Keep em' comin'
  16. Would love 5/3/71 Copenhagen and of course 6/22/77 like everyone else has stated.
  17. It's February 12th and it's snowing outside so naturally I'm listening to Four Blocks In The Snow 2/12/75 At the Garden.
  18. I got into Zep heavily in the 8th grade in 1984. I remember in either my sophomore or junior year of high school creating a bracket of 16 bands and polling classmates to rank there favorite and Zeppelin beat out Van Halen as the best.
  19. The Ocean was a great encore song. Personally I wish Thank You was played more often. That song live was just spectacular and different each time. I also like the blast out of the gate of 3 songs in a row prior to "Good Evening".
  20. Although this show is a great performance, do you think this concert wouldn't be as highly regarded had the whole "Mr. Bonham" episode never happened? Whenever I think of this show the first thing I think of is Robert calling for Bonham andhow funny it is.
  21. On this wet damp CT morning getting some LA sun with 6/25/77 earlier and now listening to 6/25/72...currently on Whole Lotta Love
  22. For me LTTE Winston Remaster 6/21/77. I just got this version and WOW!!! It's like an official realize. I've been wearing out my empress valley version but no more. Top 3 island boots: 6/21/77 2/12/75 8/31/71
  23. Thank you to a couple cool members for responding and hooking me up!
  24. I have 3 versions of this classic show but have had some trouble finding the WInston Remaster. I've looked in a couple places without any luck. Can anyone point or provide a hint to where I can find it?
  25. Like some have said, it depends on mood. For a while I'd skip many of the 73 and 75 Dazed & Confused now I find myself really into them, especially the San Francisco/Woodstock sections from 75. Through my years of listening to live Zep the tracks I consistanly skip are Moby Dick/Over The Top and later years White Summer.
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