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  1. HUH? He's probably on something because you claim Robert's bracelet is too tight. please. How the heck do you know? Crackin up. You also have NO idea if Jimmy is VERY VERY drunk and/or stoned!
  2. geez, this is all over the news, CNN and every channel. ugh! like 7 seconds of a song make led zeppelin's stairway.
  3. Jimmy Page to recieve a Honarary Doctorate at Berklee College of Music in Boston think you made a typo, I before E except after C, it's 'receive'. just sayin'
  4. I'll debate and argue anything I want, we're not a bunch of 7 year olds who need to play nice in the sand box together. This is a public forum and the notion that we shouldn't disagree is ridiculous and again your comment is also passive aggressive. Let's not argue but hey...I'll share my own opinion too, which will be contradictory to yours, please. I highly doubt that band's legacy is in question at all. There have always been plagiarism allegations against the band, against many, many bands for that matter. Music is timeless and recycles itself. nothing new there. Page is considered one of the best guitarist, producers, composers, etc...of all time, bonzo top drummer, plant, jones, all top of their field. Zeppelin is also considered one of the top, highest grossing bands of all time, that's also a fact. Look at the out pouring for the O2 tickets, no issues with this band's 'legacy'. I'll also disagree that we are ALL insensitive to the band's loss when Bonzo passed away. It was tragic, to this day, still tragic. Thank god it wasn't Page, too because he was headed down a very slippery, dangerous path.
  5. Yes, Terry Reid was busy, I know all this. Introducing someone and putting a band together are two different things. No one else put them ALL together. No one said they weren't all equally amazing. All four members of anything cannot lead. You're not understand the concept here and a leader doesn't make anyone better. Robert was too naive and new, what...like 19 years old, never been to America or toured out of the country, a total unknown. Peter and Jimmy lead them to America...and paved their way through the music industry. there's no doubt about that - the had the music connections. Robert, Bonzo had no clue about any of it. It's not a fault, it's just a fact.
  6. 'page wouldn't have said yes at all if it wasn't for plant'..huh, what are you talking about. page was looking at a different singer instead of robert. jones didn't help page but the band together. robert went to page's to play and get to know each other, jones wasn't there. everyone knows page's drug issues. again, they were together starting in 1968, page paid for their studio time himself, starting out as the second edition basically of the yardbirds, 1968 - 1978 is 10 years. i'm done with this conversation. robert has said himself that jimmy was the leader, especially initially. it had nothing to do with bonham, he did not lead the band! done now. And yes, there were guitar driven songs after 1978, page always did solos. Robert certain took leadership roles, he was their front man, extroverted, and did a great job, he usually took charge of the interviews, jimmy was introverted and shy and didn't like that part of it. The did all contribute, that's not the discussion. However, there is always a leader, a guide, etc..in any type of group situation, someone always takes the lead, and it's rarely that everyone contributes equally, even in a court appointed jury, there's a leader appointed. our country and every country has a 'leader', as does every band.
  7. Duh, we all know plant introduced bohman to page but it was his band and he didn't have to put him in the band, now..did he. and plant wasn't forming any band on his own and wasn't even working with bonhnam. So if page didn't put them all together...then who the hell did. plant didn't know jones, bonham didn't know page, page got them ALL together to form a band, no one else did! jones also reached out to page about being in the band, page put him in the band. You're full on nonsense. Who the hell composed and produced the albums. Enough said. I'm not arguing facts. By 1980 they were just about done, so that was the final end of the group in September. Page put the band together in, what... 1968? Page could be touring and probably do whatever he wanted, he's chosen to do this. And Plant is doing it for fun these days.
  8. that's not even the argument, of course it was ALL four of them, they were all very, very talented. Page did a great job getting them all together and creating the vision and vibe. Jimmy has said that over and over, how it was everyone's talent 'together' that made them such a force..but in terms of navigating and leading, Jimmy was just that. It's not debatable.
  9. Well, I disagree. A leader isn't just about the beat of the music, in fact that isn't the leader at all, it's setting the tone, branding the band, the imagine (Jimmy's idea for symbols, album covers, everything). Thus, it's leading the entire zep machine in every direction within business, music, creativity. Bonzo wasn't the creative force at all, never was. And today, Page is still in charge of media and reproducing stuff, etc...it's always been Page. There would be no Zeppelin without Page because he formed the damn band, duh. It's not an argument or debate, it's a fact. I'm sure they all contributed equally musically, but business sense, direction, directing, navigating, producing, composing, it was Page. It's a given. Bonzo was not the glue. I'm not sure in what reference you're implying this...holding a beat, following a beat, that has nothing to do with being the LEADER of a band. That's just about a song. In every concert or concert video, Bonzo is watching pagey like a hawk, he's in the back watching the front. following not leading. Page is out front with Robert, he's not turning around and playing TO the drummer, following the drummer, it's reverse. Page turns back, typically, to Bonham, when he's gonna end and wrap the song/solo up, to clue Bonzo that 'we're done'.
  10. I don't think Bonzo was the glue that held everything together (and certainly not a peace maker), especially off stage. He returned home to his family and he rarely engaged off stage. He was often the opposite of the glue. But an awesome drum player none the less!
  11. Jimmy Page was the leader, no doubt. founder, producer, composer, etc...he navigated the ship, musically, professionally and from a business sense, too. Sure, they all contributed to the sound and were all equally talented...but Jimmy was the leader. Without Jimmy Page there would be no Led Zeppelin. I don't think people realized how hard Jimmy worked, when all the members were back with family, etc...off stage, Jimmy was producing, engineering albums. Even through the 'bad periods' Jimmy was still in charge.
  12. I've never seen this video, jimmy at .43 and he's singing too. he ooks so good, so healthy; leather jacket, his hair, those damn cherry plump lips of his...makes me weak in the knees.
  13. this picture makes me very sad. bad time for jimmy, he looks sick here..ugh! so glad too that he looks so healthy and happy these days...who knows. he sure gets out and about a lot, always busy it seems. Rock on Jimmy Sexy Page!
  14. just beautiful, no other words to describe his looks. his mouth, oh my. has anyone ever noticed that Jimmy spits when he's playing...wonder if he just gets so into his guitar that he does this?
  15. yeah, krissy and bebe were in the early 70's i wonder with was up with Charlotte - she had to have known all this, wonder if it was just an open relationship or jimmy just didn't care. bad boy, bad..bad boy, probably just couldn't help himself. ha!
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