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  1. For now, in no particular order 01. Houses OF The Holy 02. Achilles Last Stand 03. Sick Again 04. Carouselambra 05. No Quarter 06. Out On The Tiles 07. Over The Hills And Far Away 08. When The Levee Breaks 09. Ramble On 10. Trampled Under Foot
  2. Did you read the title of the topic? Hey hey mama, sorry for make u cry about my opinions. I only said this songs are irrelevant (whatever) to me. Poor Joe.
  3. Hats Off: I used to hate, but no more. Actually, is great. Not a classic, but great. So unique. Down By The Seaside: some parts are boring, ruining the song. Night Flight / Boogie With Stu / Black Country Woman / Poor Tom: just irrelevant. Tea For One: awesome intro, suddenly turns to disappointing, seems a weak version of SIBLY. Good solo, anyway.
  4. One day I realized that ITTOD is my fav Zep album, beside IV. IMO, simply there's no weak / filler songs. Following very close by LZIII. So yeah, ITTOD brings me joy.
  5. If they had added 1 or 2 songs, I think it could be perfect, like Over The Hills for ex. I would love Achilles, but I'm assuming that Plant is not able to do it (in this terms, of course). 1.Good Times Bad Times 2.Ramble On 3.Black Dog 4.In My Time Of Dying (not exactly a fan but even I'm being ok with this one, what about In The Light?) 5.Houses Of The Holy (maybe Fool In The Rain ?) 6.Trampled Under Foot 7.Nobody's Fault But Mine 8.No Quarter 9.Since I've Been Loving You 10.Dazed and Confused 11.Stairway to Heaven 12.The Song Remains the Same 13.Misty Mountain Hop 14.Kashmir
  6. Carouselambra, then Fool in the rain. In fact I like the whole album.
  7. Seems impossible to measure which song is the best (with LZ at least), but from the 3 I pick ALS. Because I feel like there's no time to breathe on 10 minutes! At the same time, I don't see the time passing by, which is an amazing thing about this song. And that solo is so deeply dramatic, a sort of paralysing moment but suddenly I'm rocking again. In the end I feel the sensation of "mission accomplished". My only problem with Kashmir is on the original version, somewhat tiring and in some point is like never-ending, you know. But yeah, is an awesome zep anthem and everything... I'm n
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