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    playwriting, directing theater, religious sculpture, and a 30-odd year obsession with led zeppelin

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  1. a breath of fresh air, you are...

  2. halloo, friend! i've been catching up on your words of wisdom and i have one for you: stop.

    (i can't breathe from larfing....)

  3. finally checked my e-mail and saw a note for a message here, sorry i missed it! beat...

  4. they promised me snow, but i didn't get a flake. bastards!

  5. yo dude, did they call the nat. gaurd out for the snow over there? i was surprised at how laid back mobile was considering we only get snow once a decade. of course mardi gras waits for no one or no thing. good excuse to stay home and jam for me. later.

  6. very nice to meet you, planet. anybody with "page" in their handle is cool with me....

  7. "we live in an age when pizza gets to your home before the police."

  8. excellent playing!

  9. I'm a lawn ornament... that may or may not be smoking a tater under your tree. ;]

  10. hey!!!! you on my lawn again? or are you smokin a tater under the tree?

  11. miss ya, ev! aint the same....don't let the droogs win.

    yer buddy, beat

  12. Lester Bangs is the shit. Heya, neighbor... I'll get off your lawn in a minute, put the hose away ;]

  13. hi, bustle! saw you in my yard so i thought i'd cross the fence. i LOVE lester bangs...

  14. i wouldn't tease you! (unless you said something really stupid....)

    thanks for the apology, though...

  15. monkey man bites the big one!

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