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  1. i'll go with one of my favorite musicians, gram parsons. here he is with emmylou harris doing the old everly brothers tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bj8qnzwHUwo
  2. the "tangents" book was my first from howard and i've appreciated evrything he's done, really. a terrible loss. RIP...
  3. you never called anyone from the south "racist". someone else did. and i seriously was inviting you to come on down if you were going south. john bohnams drumsticks are at the hardrock right down the street from me and i'll take you there on a pilgrammage if you come. i've done that for other's on this forum. as for the jap comment, i was asking a perfectly innocent question as to the origins of your name but by shortening the word "japanese" to "jap", i was half expecting the PC police to comment and that would lead us back to our discussion. you see, pilot-sir, you can't shorten the racially identifying moniker of a person and be politically correct. i hope that was the explanation you wanted, my point, as it were. okay?
  4. hi, anjin-san! as you have heard through the grapevine, i live in the deep dark south, and although we maybe racists here, we are hospitable and if you wanted to come south, i was inviting you to "come on!" love to have ya! but it is required by the "club" that i belong to to ask you this question: is ANJIN-SAN a jap name? yer buddy, beatbo
  5. danny, this guy doesn't even have the brains or the wit of SAJ, fer chrissakes! but you're right, he is funny. he conjures up a mental picture of that guy on southpark that master "worlds of warcraft" and stayed online all the time killing everybody, zits and spots, no life. i think he deserves our sympathy and we should reach out to him and help him find the right medication. and if you want to loan him some books, fine, but please, PLEASE, don't let a copy of "MEIN KAMPF" fall into his hands! he has SSKP! (serious serial killer potential) later, brother...
  6. now, i know i did read this whole thread. and i do recall you telling us all that handing somebody's ass back to them was your job? did i get that right? and did you already forget about pointing out where i live and using that as an example for having no credibility on this subject, much like a RACIST would do? i know i read that. you did say that, didn't you, tough guy? am i supposed to be intimidated by your intellect? you, a person that uses the term "pantload"? (i laughed outloud AGAIN as i typed that). so want another chance at that ignorant statement about biloxi, mississippi? i wouldn't either, if i were you. no matter how hard you make me and the other laugh, no one here thinks anything of what you say as having any consequence after a statement like that. by the way, my job is alot more comprehensive than "handing someones ass" to them. i know you like your job, but you should really pick one that you're good at. danny called me over here to get a look at ya and have a laugh. and i did laugh. maybe that's your job! this could be the start of something-all you need is an over-inflated opinion about your self and you certainly have that. so, good luck to ya, chuckles! yer buddy, beatbo
  7. all i can saw to that hogwash is-wow. where's my ass, tough guy? aren't you the one handing them out? yer buddy, beatbo
  8. there we are. outed you for what you really are. pointing to a person's home and making a stereotypical assumption is exactly the same as being a racist. nice job. besides, the topic is actually about WORDS but then you would have to think to make an argument and that is asking alot. how can the word nigger be racist if it's used by black people? only if the word is spoken by a racist. that's the point danny is trying to make, you can't fight it so you're "asshanding" M.O. (now there's a joke) paints itself out of the debate. and another thing. you in front of me face to face would never say the things you've said on here. so hide, fanboy... your buddy, beatbo ps notice the above? it says "your buddy". but it doesn't mean that. is that "racist"? and if it is, how would you know? sorry, i better stop. this is like picking on a retard. whoops! can i use that word without offending your mother?
  9. if anyone knows about being wrong, that would be you....
  10. i go back and forth between monkey business and horse feathers, but i love them all. i have most of the books, including harpo's. you are right, excellent book. my movie posters cost me a fortune but they are worth even more, now. notice the slight water damage in the lower corner. but in good shape for 1930...
  11. one of the crown jewels from my marx brother collection, slave...
  12. tried to load an image, but failed...
  13. i ceriously laffed until my dunce kap fell off...
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