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    biloxi, ms
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    playwriting, directing theater, religious sculpture, and a 30-odd year obsession with led zeppelin

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About Me

i'm an ironworker, and sometimes stage/concert electrician.

i am an trained actor, writer, director, and co-founded a successful theatre company in chicago in 1995. i am currently writing a play about michelangelo.

i have lived in selma alabama, western kentucky, southern illinois, st. louis, chicago, and spent serious time in nyc, san francisco, southern california, texas, and west virginia. i now live in biloxi, ms and survived hurricane katrina by not leaving (i'm an idiot).

i am not only jimmy page's biggest fan (non-stalking!) and multi-decade ledhead, i am a lover of many musical forms. serious interest in the beatles, stones, who, dylan, early original rock and roll, blues, funk, 'real' r&b, heavy metal, punk, reggae, jazz, the british invasion (and britian in general. love the people, musicians, art, architecture, history, and general personality makeup of the inhabitants of the british isles.)

i am an american of sicilian descent and love most things italian. again, architecture, art, and history are biggies with me.

i have been a jeweler, consultant, coal miner, contractor, cook, manager, radio broadcaster, singer in a several bands, and have tried anything that got my curiosity up and i thought i could do.

my downside:

knowitall/bookworm/obsessive researcher/and capable of being a loner for hours or weeks (the complete reversal of my general outgoing personality). i also have a bad habit of quoting shakespeare at the most inappropriate times (funerals, birthday parties, baths, showers, and native american pow-wows). deep research into all things religion makes me a risky dinner companion. what would Jesus do?

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