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  1. fool in the rain is one of their best songs, it shows zeppelins "spread". the drumming is killer, the singing spectacular, and the samba break to die for. the guitar synth solo is low-fi but fits the song. what's not to like? if i'm at a stop light and the whistle blows, the rules in my car is everbody out and samba until the breaks over or the lights change. true story...
  2. a breath of fresh air, you are...

  3. dude, why so mad? you're starting to sound like the guy that stabbed george harrison... oh, you're welcome, cookie!
  4. this is pretty funny, cookie, and for some reason, violently angry. i hope you don't mind, but i snipped out the bullshit in your post, and it didn't leave alot. i'll keep it short: slash can appear on the superbowl broadcast and perform jimi hendrix's arrangement of the star spangled banner and would not have to pay jimi's estate a cent (or acknowledge or credit him). and his sister would scream like a bitch almost half as loud as you but it wouldn't mean anything because he didn't write the song. come monday, tons of people would tell 10 year old slash fans that he was playing the hallowed arrangement of jimi hendrix and hopefully a slew of those kids would look it up on you tube and possibly download the woodstock mp3. it's a fact. sorry. if you say knew about bert jansch before you heard led zeppelin 1 and you were born and live in the united states, i'm calling you a liar. not stephen stills or neil young. you. once again, sorry. point? doesn't matter. you can tell by your posts that your missing the most important ones and no matter what anybody says, you always will.
  5. jimmy page talked about bert jansch at length many times after the release of the 1st album and always pointed him out as folk guitar god. without page, i'd have never heard of bert. thank you, jimmy. as for bitching about credits on songs that neither of them wrote, it is really about clearances, which fall to lawyers who specialize in such law, which either gets the artist paid, credited, or sued. and in the grand scheme of things, i'd say bert came out alright on this...
  6. excellent post. if we want to, we can pop over to some beatle forums and and call lennon and mccartney out on all their "thefts", but it would be a waste of time and a diversion away from the truly more fascinating issue: the need and reward of developing your art based on your influences...
  7. this is a bunch of BS. and, i'm happy to state, if it weren't for jimmy page, no one in the states would even know who bert jansch is. oh, and publishing an "arrangement" will do more for making sure you get paid for your recording than it will for endowing you to any money from someone elses rendition of a traditional tune. that is a very important point. i would like to add that i personally believe that peter grant was issued an edict from jimmy page at the beginning of zep: do what thou wilt to make sure i don't slog across the world and sell millions of albums and go home penniless (like the yardbirds). this philosophy manifested itself in the publishing as "claim everything and make 'em ask for it back". even robert copped to conversations about songs and credits and the band just let it ride... one last thing. i love your posts and i understand your position but i've enjoyed many debates and conversations on this subject and swandown knows his skinny. if you truly want a clear picture of the situation instead of only holding on to what you believe is right, talk nice to swandown and he may share some of his substantial reseach and sources on this subject. he may sound like a jimmy page fan, too, but don't let that fool you: he is. but he's no apologist... beat
  8. hi, george... to this end, i can only pose a question: was welch onstage 6/30/80 in frankfurt, germany during the 'wll' free-for-all that included phil carson on bass?
  9. halloo, friend! i've been catching up on your words of wisdom and i have one for you: stop.

    (i can't breathe from larfing....)

  10. finally checked my e-mail and saw a note for a message here, sorry i missed it! beat...

  11. those are the coolest budgies that ever budged. and how do you get away with such talk with dlzdoc? does he speak to you still? hilarious!
  12. beatbo


    i gotta stick groucho in here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cT8dMU5vyTE
  13. they promised me snow, but i didn't get a flake. bastards!

  14. quite the contrary. that would be like pressure washing a waterfall...
  15. shouldn't you be in munchkinland with a house on top of you, witchypoo?
  16. here you are....bottom right hand corner.
  17. hey, danny! miss ya, man! forgot to mention that i have prolly bought the home version of this film 20 times...
  18. every friday night at the cinema 4 in carbondale, illinois for 6 years. we would buy the record cleaner "rush" in the little black bottle and huff it during "d&c". the only spot i wasn't crazy about is during "tsrts" and the band is cooking so friggin' hot and page is tearing it up and we get the boat, the beach, and robert. but that aside, i've watched this thing for decades and still love it. the soundtrack, too....
  19. very nice to meet you, planet. anybody with "page" in their handle is cool with me....

  20. "we live in an age when pizza gets to your home before the police."

  21. mississippi national in gautier, ms. very nice course, wide open, not too much swamp and short, hard greens. lots of excellent birdie opportunities for a long ball hitter like me. falling oaks, the beau rivage course is going to host a PGA senior tour event. it is north of biloxi and a very nice course.... any pics of courses you play at, ally?
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