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  1. Led Zeppelin diffently! i just dont like mick jaggers voice
  2. when i went to the rock and roll hall of fame i saw a pic of him and Page palying in a concert but i frogot what the date was. in the photo Page was playing a Squier guitar! WTF? PS: when i went they didnt have any Led Zeppelin stuff there nothing. i asked a guy where it all was and he told me it was storeage not enough room too display the stuff. there was enough room for madonna though
  3. i would go back in time tell them to play at woodstock and then go to that :D
  4. Im in too! now whats the conversion rate
  5. im craig obvisuly in highschool had an awesome christmas worship Apple Computer and Led Zeppelin HATE rap and hannah montana
  6. ive never heard that before you got some bad luck i guess! i would take it back to the store and exchange it for a new one.
  7. is robert kissing his son in that picture? i feel bad for robert that his son died so young dosent he have a daughter too? Maureen i think
  8. Yes Merry Christmas to everyone! As a side note what the heck is with everyone saying "Happy Holidays" now when you go into stores?
  9. i would too like to know. great post idea! from the vids that ive seen online he seemed very togeather and his no quarter solo did seem great! i thnk that he probably most connected w/ bonham but that would have to be answred by someone that was there. check out the link to see kashmir and the one below this to see a bunch of other videos! http://forums.ledzeppelin.com//index.php?showtopic=1782
  10. im suprised that page didnt use his Delecranto for in my time of dying. yes i know that the spellings wrong for Dele...whatever
  11. you just became my best friend! thanks for all the videos!
  12. he looked like Jerry Seinfeld with the blue jeans and plain black shirt. Seinfeld best show ever Led Zeppelin best band ever! :D
  13. i know i stayed up all night watching kashmir and such and when i got home from school today i wasnt able to see any of them! gay!
  14. iCraig

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    WoW i cant belive how skinny he is! then again it seems that all people in the 60/70s were skinny.
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