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  1. Bonnaroo is always an eclectic mix of artists.Its not just a rock fest.Metallica has their audience and I'm quite sure they know who invented heavy
  2. I thought I heard the BBC was carrying it live.It is for Ahmet.Don't worry,its coming out one way or another .An ald boot ,brit tv,dvd .What's the point of doing this for Ahmet if so few are going to see it.Why bother for just an arena crowd.This is TOO BIG ! As long as the boys are putting their ass into this it will see the light.This has become WAY bigger than any of the one off performances before and they know it.If the Stones can still do it,the Who keeps plugging,VH can rise from the ashes.I have no doubt Zep will deliver and Robert will qualm his fears and conquer America all over again ....but I'm still saying prayers and chanting LOL
  3. Hello fellow Zep heads ,first post here,just discovered ithe place. I agree this is dicey for the boys given that much of their aura was based on the extreme power they could deliver in their youth,and Bonzo is gone.Jonesy will be spot on,Jimmy can summon it up if he really wants to and Jason will give it everything.The question is Robert and thats no slight against him.No one who used his voice as such a powerful instrument and risked losing it it by being so over the edge coud be expected to retain that voice after so long . However,he can still sing (may not be able to deliver orgasms with a wail anymore) ,they are lowering the keys and tech is such today that I believe he can pull this off.As a one off deal it will probably be just the 4 of them which might be tough.If they do tour ,I really hope they add a few players to round out the sound especially to adequately cover Jimmy's multi-tracking and possibly aide the vocals.This isn't sacriledge.Everybody does it.Who,Stones .Floyd really were unashamed to add the necessary players to give the audience what they wanted to hear and the results were brilliant.Unfortunately Robert wasn't blessed /cursed with an ordinary voice like Jagger's that would allow him to retain his level of excellence. It may be controversial but if they did add a couple of players the Wilson sisters might be a good choice.Don't laugh,they know all the shit and can pull it off Just a thought
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