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  1. Album by album:

    I: You Shook Me (although I think the studio version of I Can't Quit You Baby pales in comparison to the RAH show)

    II: nothing

    III: Hats off to Roy Harper

    IV: nothing

    HOTH: D'yer Mak'er

    PG: nothing

    Presence: nothing I "dislike" but the only songs I'm really nuts about are Achilles, Candy Store Rock, For Your Life and Nobody's Fault but Mine. The rest don't really do it for me.

    ITTOD: Hot Dog, the last third of Carouselambra, All My Love

  2. That list sucks some heavy shit. The Lemon Song is JPJ's best bass performance, followed by The Crunge, GTBT, Ramble On and WIAWSNB.

    You're really going to bitch about The Crunge not being on the list? That's far from his most sophisticated work.

    How about Going to California? Or Kashmir? He did the Arabian string arrangement which I would argue is one of Zeppelin's most impressive riffs ever. And yes, The Lemon Song has to be #1. Most of LZII actually.

    Edit: The Crunge actually makes my list but only if we're talking the live version. The studio version is über simple.

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