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  1. I agree with the placement of Led Zeppelin on this list, except for technical ability which should be 100.
  2. For the July 4 concert appearances with the Beach Boys, imagine how neat and interesting it would have been if Jimmy got play theremin on Good Vibrations, and the improvisations he could have done with it.. Never the less it was great to see and hear footage of these appearances.
  3. Did anybody notice on the 6/19/1969 Paris TV show performance video how john bonham was wearing a green tie dye shirt in one frame behind the drums and then a closer up view in an orange shirt in the next couple frames and back to the original view in the green tie die shirt?
  4. In regards to the June 9th photo "I played at Les Paul's 72nd birthday celebrations", If that marker was not in Les Paul's right hand, it would look like he is giving Jimmy a "Purple Nurple".
  5. Ian Stewart passed away in 1985? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Stewart_%28musician%29
  6. From the TV show Maude on the episode Phillip's Birthday Party, at the 2:20 mark the band starts playing The Ocean. This was originally aired 10/31/77 on CBS. I am not sure if Peter Grant or Led Zeppelin were aware of this. in case clip does not appear, it is listed on you tube under : goto 2:20 Maude - Phillip's Birthday Party (Season 6, Episode 6) 2/2
  7. Hats off to Roy Harper. very underappreciated. Arranged under the pseudonym Charles Obscure. Sounds like they are channeling the spirit of some long deceased bluesman No Quarter. A masterpiece. Great imagery regarding mood, lyrics and music. great use of effects especially the delay and synthesizers . This compostion draws you in especially when played live. No Quarter has its own vibe and mystique.
  8. When the school bus goes over the edge of the cliff, Otto says "Zeppelin Rules!".
  9. Unfortunately Virgil has passed away http://www.ohio.com/news/virgil-lay-akron-guitar-string-maker-dies-at-82-1.151171 I have only done business with the current management who have owned the shop since the late 1980's. http://www.laysguitar.com/about.asp Other than Joe himself, who probably knows, I have tried looking into the past history of his acquistion and use of No.1 before he sold it to Jimmy and I have not seen anything yet. I am actually more curious about when and where in the U.S. Joe purchased this guitar from and if he used it himself (live or studio) before selling it.
  10. I read that article a couple of days ago in the May 2012 issue of Guitar World. The guitar shop, Lay's Guitar Shop in Akron,Ohio , mentioned in the article where Joe Walsh had the neck shaved on No. 1 is not too far from me. I have done business with this guitar shop many times over the years. Just out of curiosity, It would be cool to know when and where during his travel's did Walsh purchase No.1, If he used it (anytime pre mid-late April 1969) on any recordings/touring and when he had the neck shaved. http://www.laysguitar.com/
  11. There is a sect of Lutheran churches called Prince of Peace. http://www.popwestlake.com/content/
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