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  1. I am remastering (and consequently listening) 6/19/1972, shame about the recording!
  2. Hard question...i'd say Phoenix 4/18
  3. The Copenhagen shows are better overrall (especially the 7/24 one), but Plant sounds stronger at Knebby.
  4. Notable mentions on the later years are 5/30/77, 6/23/77, 8/11/79 (yeah, he sounded brillant on that show while Page was too sloopy) and parts of 7/3/80 were very good as well. I quite agree he sounds awesome for most of 1977 in comparision with 1975.
  5. Orlando 8/31/71 is a candidate for best version for me. I also like a lot the 1980 versions in particular due Jonesy's CP 70 with gives a prophetic atmosphere to the song. The Brussels 6/20/80 one is obe of the best (and the show itself is my favourite 1980 show)
  6. Their top 10 worst shows for me: Tempe 7/20/77 Greensboro 1/29/75 Chicago 7/6/73 Kansas City 11/5/69 Nuremberg 6/27/80 Chicago 4/9/77 Indianapolis 1/25/75 Sheffield 1/2/73 Bremen 6/23/80 Landover 5/28/77 Agreed?
  7. My favourite IMToD is definitely 6/25/1977. The jam at the end is just epic!
  8. Other versions that can hold tge candle for the best are: 4/28/1977, 5/30/1977, 6/13/1977, 6/21/1977, 6/23/1977, 6/26/1977 abd both 1979 versions. I paticularly perfer Jonesy playing it on the 12 string guitar than on the three necked.
  9. Between the two final 1977 gigs (7/23 and 7/24) wich is the best one. I prefer the secound show quite a bit, what about you?
  10. For me is 6/7/1977 by far. Jimmy blazes brillantly through the solos plus Plant sings the "we are eagles of our nest..." line wich is a unique thing. I fell surprised this version is so underrated!
  11. Mine: 4/23/77 (apart from Jimmy's mistakes on TYG and the terrible tape) 5/25/77 6/13/77 6/21/77 6/26/77
  12. I quite agree with Sue, the 5/22/77 show sounds awesome for him, as well like most of the 1977 tour. I give an vote to the 8/21/71 show (although his drums are naturally higher on the tape mix), to 2/27/72 and 6/28/72
  13. On my opinion, several versions of 1977, either Atlanta 4/23, Landover 5/25, New York 6/13 and 14, Los Angeles 6/26 are candidates.
  14. My personal compilation of sbd's: The Song Remains The Same: 5/25/77 Sick Again: 6/7/77 Nobody's Fault But Mine: 5/26/77 In My Time Of Dying: 5/25/77 Since I've been Loving You: 5/21/77 No Quarter: 6/7/77 Ten Years Gone: 6/7/77 The Battle Of Evermore: 5/30/77 Going To California: 5/30/77 Dancing Days/Black Country Woma/BYAS: 5/26/77 White Summer: 5/30/77 Kashmir: 5/25/77 Over The Top: 4/27/77 Achilles Last Stand: 5/25/77 Stairway To Heaven: 5/30/77 WLL/Rock And Roll: 5/30/77 Trampled Underfoot: 5/21/77
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