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  1. I saw him in Baton Rouge and had every intention of seeing him again in Shreveport and doing the Jimmy Burton Meet and Greet but the epic flooding around my home and also in Shreveport made that journey impossible unfortunately. They were really really good in Baton Rouge. In my opinion the Spaceshifters have really improved since I last saw them about a year and a half ago. It was a lot of fun to see them and I think you will enjoy the show immensely. I could go into detail but I don't want to spoil the setlist or anticipation for you.
  2. That's a really awesome thing! Hope a story comes out on it at some point!
  3. I can't remember which tour specifically, I believe it was the tour before fate of nations. Robert played almost all of IMTOD on his own. It was pretty awesome, this would have been in New Orleans around 94ish?
  4. You can hear Les Paul on some tracks however many of the songs on the album are done on a telecaster, at least that is what I hear and has been my understanding for a few years. Of course this is just based on what I have picked up on so it could be wrong I certainly wasn't in the studio with them.
  5. IMO the finished product of Led Zeppelin studio recordings is just right for each song. Some are meticulously worked on like Ten Years Gone, and others are just natural as the band laid them down like SIBLY. How Page was able to craft each song and each album is amazing to me. I don't think his contributions to the band or music in general as producer can ever be undervalued. Then there is him and a guitar....... A musical genius IMO.
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