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  1. I saw him in Baton Rouge and had every intention of seeing him again in Shreveport and doing the Jimmy Burton Meet and Greet but the epic flooding around my home and also in Shreveport made that journey impossible unfortunately. They were really really good in Baton Rouge. In my opinion the Spaceshifters have really improved since I last saw them about a year and a half ago. It was a lot of fun to see them and I think you will enjoy the show immensely. I could go into detail but I don't want to spoil the setlist or anticipation for you.
  2. That's a really awesome thing! Hope a story comes out on it at some point!
  3. I really like that, very nice original song, something that seems to be rare these days around Christmas time.
  4. It's always been one of my favorites on the album, however I must completely admit I grew up in New Orleans and have stayed in the Royal Orleans many times just to be close to places Zeppelin frequented. It's always awesome that in music what one person loves another can find not so good and still meet in the middle!
  5. I think I Bonzo was still here someone else wouldn't. Of course that would most likely mean Jimmy would be gone. I just can't see the band continuing on at the rate they were going with the heroin use from '77 on.. I believe someone would have died perhaps Bonzo later on perhaps Jimmy. Of course if the stones are still alive who knows, it sure would be wonderful to still have the four of them with us today that is for sure.
  6. Not a huge poster here but huge fan. I am a LONG way away, but I entered if I happen to win (no way that happens) I will find a way to get there. Good luck to all.
  7. Will be there! So nice to see him playing at Jazz fest this often.
  8. I can't remember which tour specifically, I believe it was the tour before fate of nations. Robert played almost all of IMTOD on his own. It was pretty awesome, this would have been in New Orleans around 94ish?
  9. Very nice, great to see JPJ out and about and playing!
  10. clw, I saw that posted on another site at lunch earlier today. How magical would that have been to have seen him in such a small venue relaxed and having fun. That would be on my bucket list. Thankfully he is still touring and giving us opportunities to see him still! I can't wait until tomorrow!
  11. Kel, sorry I didn't see this sooner I would have loved to sell them to you. I had someone contact me by PM much earlier in the day and sold them. I am just now getting a chance to get here after work. I hope you get to make it to the show though. Good luck!
  12. Hi all hope this is allowed here. Not a ticket scalper, two friends that were going to attend the show with me tomorrow had a medical emergency come up. I have two extra tickets to the show on the floor Sec 3, row E. Would love for true fans to get them if anyone is interested, tickets plus fees are $90/ticket that's all I am asking for the tickets. If anyone is interested please pm me. Sam, if this is in violation of the board rules, please take the post down and I apologize.
  13. Chad Thanks so much for the update on the NOLA show, have been checking daily trying to figure out what was going on and beginning to worry it may not happen.
  14. I honestly love all of them. However I like the very early Zep a lot just because it was such raw music. Plant's voice Page's guitar, everything is just raw and one huge jam. I really like that, While I would say I have a relatively small bootleg collection compared to many fans on here I really enjoy something like Go West Young Man, if technology was better for recording at the time The Boston Tea party and many others would be great things to have now. Again not sure I can say I prefer them to any other year but I really like the '68-'69 recordings.
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