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    Listening to music, going to concerts, watching horror movies, walking the dog and hopefully getting to pat lots of other dogs on the way, watching wildlife programs, especially about wolves.
  1. This is a great interview and Robert comes accross as an intelligent, humerous guy. He sure doesn't rate Black Sabbath!
  2. Gosh CLW do you think that England is Britain? Britain is an island made up of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland & then England. Scotland is the place that all the great inventors have come from, like the guy who invented television, John Logie Baird. Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone, Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin and James Watt who invented the steam engine. Robert Plant appreciates that Scotland and Ireland have contributed some great sounds to the music scene. There's nothing like the skirl of the bagpipes and the beautiful voices of the female folk singers. I just watched his interview on 60 minutes again for the sixth time and he's so charismatic and as the interviewer says, still has a twinkle in his eye. His daughter Carmen is so beautiful and you see her for a few seconds sitting with her son. All his kids are so exotic looking with the mix of Asian in their blood.
  3. I had read in the music papers in the seventies, that Robert Plant lived on a farm near Kidderminster. I had lots of pictures to prove it, with him sitting in all his gorgeous splendour in a peacock backed chair with his beautiful wife Maureen standing beside him. There were pictures of him and his baby daughter, Carmen and playing with his Blue Merle Collie, Strider. I also read that when he and and his wife came into town one day and were walking along the narrow pavements, they made such a handsome couple. Robert with his glorious long blonde hair, wearing a green fringed jacket and jeans and Maureen with her glistening black hair, lots of people were giving them admiring glances. I wanted to be one of these people. When I was 15, we were heading down to Torquay for our summer holidays and I begged my dad to take me to Kidderminster but he said it was too far off our route. As we were travelling from Edinburgh, we had already been on the road for hours, so I reluctantly gave in. A few years later, my then boyfriend who promised me that he would take me, were on the same route but he said the same as my dad. I was so disappointed and the boyfriend became history! I am nearly 58 but I'm still listening to Led Zeppelin and love watching interviews with Robert Plant on Youtube. He's so funny and charming and has just does'nt take himself seriously. I recently bought Celebration Day and I settled down with a few cans of Bud and enjoyed it so much, I clapped after every number. They're part of my childhood and I will be playing their music until I'm old and grey.
  4. Tara Brown was the interviewer and Robert was so charismatic but truthful about his days with Led Zepp. She fancied him rotten, but who wouldn't and she just couldn't stop smiling. His daughter, Carmen was there with one of his grandsons so he had to behave in a way. He's got a great sense of humour and doesn't take himself too seriously but I can't help thinking that it was such a shame that Led Zepp were compared to metal bands such as Black Sabbath when they first started, he obviously can't stand them as he said in another interview I watched. They were rock/blues with a twist in my mind and no one else sounded like them. The certainly were'nt heavy metal. I've just purchased Celebration Day and I can't wait to watch it in it's entirety. Did anyone else see the interview?
  5. Oh my dear God, Robert was such a honey. I told myself it was his voice and the music but I was kidding myself. I loved him and still do for his looks and tight pants, mane of hair and his strut! Once at a concert when he was touring with Robbie Blunt et al in the eighties, I thought if I throw my house keys down with a note attached he might join me but alas I crapped out at the last minute!
  6. Jethro Tull were one of the bands around in the seventies that everyone wanted to see. The unusual mix of flute and lyrics blew everyone away and their band of great musicians including lead guitarist Martin Barre, had a terrific sound. Ian Anderson was such a showman but seemed to bring out the crazy in some people. Where I stayed their were two gangs who would have liked to have pasted one another at the concerts but there were bouncers walking about with chains round their fists just in case the fighting started! There was wee me just sitting in the front row trying to appreciate the music and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Oh well I still enjoyed them. Jethro Tull were a brilliant group and I still listen to Aqualung.
  7. I love Wishbone Ash and always have done since I heard Jailbait in the seventies. I would have liked to have gone to see Andy Powell's Wishbone Ash recently in Glasgow but no one I know likes them!!! Should have gone myself, I've done it before but I was a lot younger then. Their sound has never been repeated and it was so different. With their medieval lyrics on Throw Down the Sword and The King Will Come and the twin lead guitars of Ted Turner, who was gorgeous and Andy Powell they were definitely a mega talented band.
  8. Cream were great in their time but unfortunately their three massive egos couldn't make it last. I listen regularly to their best of and the sound, lyrics and beat can't be compared. Clapton was and still is a great guitarist, Bruce is an exceptional bassist and Baker must be in the top 5 of great drummers. I'd love to see a reunion but I can't see it happening soon.
  9. Whitesnake were brilliant. David Coverdale has one of the best rock voices in the business.
  10. Love Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder is not only gorgeous but has a fabulous voice.
  11. Parisienne Walkways by Gary Moore & Phil Lynott Mr Big by Free Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd Touching Tongues by Steve Vai Throw Down The Sword by Wishbone Ash Big Log by Robert Plant Tea For One by Joe Bonamassa I Think I Love You Too Much by Jeff Healey Pretending by Eric Clapton Take Me For a Little While - Coverdale & Page Oh I really enjoyed that, think I'll listen to them all, one after the other and slip into space.
  12. I love Pink Floyd but I only have five of their albums, namely Wish You Were Here, Dark Side of the Moon, The Division Bell, A Momentary Lapse of Reason, & The Wall. My favourite is Wish You Were Here, David Gilmour's guitar is such a pleasure to your ears. But I like a lot of the tracks on The Wall and Sorrow from Momentary Lapse of Reason. I like the quirkiness of Roger Water's singing and the whole package is just so professional and slick, even down to their backing singers and lazer shows.
  13. I didn't know about that time in his life. Can you tell me more? My memories of him were seventies, long hair, beard, very good looking, tight trousers and wonderful voice. Then he came back in the nineties and looked really fit and everyone was blown away with his still fantastic voice and the concert was like a big party. He's always been such a private man but I did realise that there was an undercurrent in The Free Story when Simon Kirke and Andy Fraser were talking about him.
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