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  1. Oh my dear God, Robert was such a honey. I told myself it was his voice and the music but I was kidding myself. I loved him and still do for his looks and tight pants, mane of hair and his strut! Once at a concert when he was touring with Robbie Blunt et al in the eighties, I thought if I throw my house keys down with a note attached he might join me but alas I crapped out at the last minute!
  2. Jethro Tull were one of the bands around in the seventies that everyone wanted to see. The unusual mix of flute and lyrics blew everyone away and their band of great musicians including lead guitarist Martin Barre, had a terrific sound. Ian Anderson was such a showman but seemed to bring out the crazy in some people. Where I stayed their were two gangs who would have liked to have pasted one another at the concerts but there were bouncers walking about with chains round their fists just in case the fighting started! There was wee me just sitting in the front row trying to appreciate the music and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Oh well I still enjoyed them. Jethro Tull were a brilliant group and I still listen to Aqualung.
  3. Cream were great in their time but unfortunately their three massive egos couldn't make it last. I listen regularly to their best of and the sound, lyrics and beat can't be compared. Clapton was and still is a great guitarist, Bruce is an exceptional bassist and Baker must be in the top 5 of great drummers. I'd love to see a reunion but I can't see it happening soon.
  4. Whitesnake were brilliant. David Coverdale has one of the best rock voices in the business.
  5. Love Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder is not only gorgeous but has a fabulous voice.
  6. I didn't know about that time in his life. Can you tell me more? My memories of him were seventies, long hair, beard, very good looking, tight trousers and wonderful voice. Then he came back in the nineties and looked really fit and everyone was blown away with his still fantastic voice and the concert was like a big party. He's always been such a private man but I did realise that there was an undercurrent in The Free Story when Simon Kirke and Andy Fraser were talking about him.
  7. Deborah J you're the business. I really enjoyed your videos of Led Zepp.
  8. David Coverdale would be a great choice as his voice is still so strong and rich. C'mon Robert give it a bash, we'd rather have you.
  9. I din't know that Paul Rodgers was hated for a while. I know there were differences with him and Andy Fraser regarding the writing of the songs and Simon Kirke seemed to talk about him disparagingly in one interview but I didn't realise that there was bad blood. He's such a private man but when I saw him for the first time in years on the Guitar Expo '92, he had put on a lot of weight and his hair was thinning, I suppose that was the drugs that had made him look so awful. It was a fabulous concert with Brian May, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Joe Walsh et al and Steve Vai couldn't help but show how easy or even boring it was to play the guitar riff in All Right Now. When he came back on his on in 1995 to Glasgow Barrowlands, it was like a big party and there were all the bald headed and wrinkly people who loved him and Free in the seventies. He's never looked back since and his voice goes from strength to strength.
  10. My last concert that I went to in March of last year was Joe Bonamassa at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh. After buying the album Live at Beacon Theatre I was hoping that Paul Rodgers would walk on but he didn't, I was so disappointed! The mix of Joe's guitar and Paul's voice is something else and I hope they do more together.
  11. Gosh your dad is dead lucky. I would love to meet him to just shake his hand and tell him that I've been a fan for 40 years! I've watched him being interviewed and he really does come across as a regular guy.
  12. Free were around at the same time as Led Zeppelin in the seventies and I saw them when I was 15 at The Eldorado in Leith, Edinburgh, which was a boxing arena. They and Paul Rodgers were fantastic and as there was no escape from the stage to their dressing rooms, they had to run through the audience and I managed to reach out and touch Paul Rodgers on the shoulder. I got his sweat on my hand and me and my pal cried all the way home! Their sound was raw blues/rock and the lyrics were amazing. Bad Company were formed and their sound changed to a more sophisticated sound but the voice was still there at the fore, as were the lyrics. Paul Rodgers for me, has the greatest rock voice ever and I've seen him on his own and with Bad Company on numerous occasions.
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