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  1. anyone have videos playing the heartbreaker solo? only know how to play the intro! kashmir like playing the intro heartbreaker, dazed and confused (someone could put the tab of this song, because this my this means doubtful) I'm taking the early Sibly also!! sorry for my english!!
  2. Yes,just search in youtube: how to play since i've been loving you complete!
  3. Wow,this is amazing!! Your les paul # 1 has great scratch behind? is the signature guitar or was that you changed the pickups? les paul in red, has a silver part under the bridge, can you send me by PM a few photos of this piece? sorry for my english, I'm Brazilian!
  4. You recorded That??It's my dream to go to the GnR show (like going to the concert led), and led the GnR are my favorite bands! I have all DVDs, Blue Ray, books, albums, of GnR, and have led the celebration Day, and 7 CDs! I am very glad you like it's GnR! follow in instagram: @ gunsnrosesfcbrazil
  5. Jimmy goes to tour or not? When there, you can pay for access to backstage? Who much?
  6. Can someone post a photo of this vinyl and link the site to send to Brazil??
  7. Hello people!! I'm from Brazil, I met Led this year (a little late)!! I intend to make many friends!
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