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  1. I had the luck to be at 02 Arena concert. Since then, I am not able to get rid of listening Led Zeppelin, which I listened daily and I am still euphoric. My wife suggest me to find some help .....
  2. "There'll be one show and that'll be it," he's quoted as saying. http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1570788/2..._zeppelin.jhtml
  3. i do not think, there will be any troubles getting in. First of all: a) riots will be no help to anyone ticketmaster wont go to any dispute threatening with client legal action c) identity of ticket purchaser - they are not police - they are not going to check whether names are right, when you paid it all with your credit card - how on earth are they going to prove, that you made mistake when filling data/or that it was somebody else filling data or anything d) resale - they can not prove your resale - i.e. you can sale some stuff and tell guy that when you buy that stuff, I will
  4. its bu..shit, they would not waste ahmett name and not doing concert as led zeppelin
  5. many people know led zep from 70ies and it should remain that way, because you cannot do the same in 2007. You do not have all same memebers, you dont have same social and lifestyle conditions and you cannot cross the river two same ways. It would be foolish to ruin that image with tour done only for money. litttle comment: maybe i am little bit biased, because i have tickets !!!
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