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  1. May and September are my faves, wonderful photos
  2. I dont know, I havent checked in her for a day or two and look what I have missed, your naughty girls LOL, some fantastic photos, need to cool down
  3. Thank you ladies, not seen the one of him walking in the park before. Is it a dog poo bag he is carrying? Even if it is, he still looks great Angela x
  4. Well done Dame Flo, it worked great, and you have a good day too. There is such a twinkle in his eyes, love this man so much. Angela xx
  5. Hi there Dame Flo. Have you tried clicking the 'more reply options' button? You then get a choice to Attach files, if you click on 'choose files' it opens up the pictures on your computer. Have a mess around see if you can do it, hope so, lots more photos for us to drool over Angela x
  6. Gulp, what a fantastic photo, what a fantastic man !! I have read Trampled Underfoot, think it was one of my 1st LZ books I bought, enjoy it Angela x
  7. Wow, what a photo, looks like he is looking deep into my soul, and Hi Anca. Finished the Richard Cole book, enjoyed it, starting on Bonzo book written by his brother tonight. Is this SozoZoso in the clapped out banger with our Robert?
  8. Thanks for all the pictures, could look at them all night long, I love the young Robert, but also loving the older Robert. Just reading the Richard Cole book, they were all naughty boys late 60's early 70's, wouldn't have minded being naughty with them !!
  9. I have 2 cross stitch patterns of Robert, one is a montage of him, the other a black and white. I have also done one with words from 'Thats the way' I have seen on Etsy a pattern for a picture of all 4 in early 1970's Not seen any of the LP covers, would be very neat to do all album covers Angela
  10. Been away from my computer for 2 days and really missed my 'Robert' fix, nice to be back ladies and drawling over your photos. Love this one ^ ^, wonder if the guy in the background knows who Robert is?
  11. He is one hell of a sexy bloke, love the photos. Angela x
  12. I did read today that someone who lives in Manchester couldnt get to the gig, but he had shook his hand earlier in the day, plus Robert said he had met some really nice people earlier on in Manchester. We didnt see much of the support band, they sounded good what we did see Angela x
  13. We didnt wait around afterwards, but saw some real big lorries round the side of the Apollo, wondered if they were the roadies and the gear. Went past this morning and they were loading the lorries up, so assumed it was the gear and roadies. I suspect Robert was in a car and was whisked off to a hotel? Would dearly love to shake his hand and have a photo taken with him. The set list was Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You (Joan Baez cover) Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down (Traditional cover) Bron-Y-Aur Stomp (Led Zeppelin song) Spoonful (Howlin’ Wolf cover) Black Dog (Le
  14. We traveled up from Derby to see the concert, loved every minute of it, we were upstairs in the stall, had a good view though, brilliant night wasnt it? Thanks for your pictures, they turned out better than mine.
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