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  1. Thanks Nutrocker. The audio sounds like it might be a bit tweaked on the video compared to "Bringing the House Down." None the less, one of the best shows on the '77 tour IMO.
  2. So the audio is from which Maryland show? I ran into an old timer that said he saw 'em at this show. He said, "Jimmy Page was sittin' on his stool drinkin' a Heineken and smokin' a joint, and he was so damn fucked up that he fell over...And they were over an hour later because they couldn't find Bonham and Jimmy and Robert apologized." Ahh, the 70s. Those downers must have been a helluva lot stronger than the ones now. Being from Winston-Salem NC, this is hometown ground though. Glad to have the footage.
  3. These new soundboards are awesome too. It's crazy how they hoard these things for so long and finally strike.
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