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  1. I know this board is a special place for many of us, somewhere we can bond over a shared passion that we wish more people in our "real" lives shared. But sometimes, people close to us just need a little Zep intervention to get their fandom going. My question to you: how have you inspired/influenced people around you with your love of Zeppelin? (I know there have been threads on this in the past, but I always love hearing people's stories on this topic!) This was inspired by some recent Skype dates I've had with my three-year old goddaughter. Whenever she comes on the screen, she makes a habit of yelling "reene song, reene song!" Let me explain: we've always shared a love of "Tangerine". Depressing lyrics for a little one, I know, but it used to be the only song that would relax her and put her to sleep (I would play the recording and/or sing to her). Even though I live far away from her now, it's still our song and we always sing it together when we Skype. Her six-year old brother, on the other hand, loves doing his best Robert imitation on "Immigrant Song" (or "Ah-Ah-Ah", as he called it when he was little). I suspect this has as much to do with the Shrek movies as it does with Aunt lightandshade's influence, but I'll still take some of the credit. Whenever he drove his parents bonkers, he would get sent on a nice long car ride with me, accompanied by some loud, bombastic Zeppelin tunes. Always worked - he was usually fast asleep by the time we got home. My mother's love for Zeppelin came by a different route. Shortly after I discovered Zep in high school, some friends and I were watching the Earls Court DVD footage in my basement. My mother walks past the screen and suddenly blurts out, "Who the hell is that"? Turns out that my holier-than-thou, Cassidy/Sherman/Osmond-loving mum had some Pagette in her, after all. She watched some more of the DVD with us, and to this day loves a lot of Zep's acoustic songs. Anyone else care to share some convert stories? Any funny anecdotes with family/friends/strangers/pets?
  2. Welcome, missguitar! There's a good chance I'll be visiting your beautiful city soon (for the first time), so I might be sending you some questions. Hope you enjoy your time here on the forums - have fun!
  3. ^ So great to see you back here, Ally! Sorry to hear about your complications, but great news that you're home - I bet that's making all the difference. Wishing you a healthy, happy recovery!
  4. ^ Agreed. +1 Thank you to everyone for all of the updates! The last fan picture, especially, is fantastic - genuine smiles on both faces. Cookie, I didn't know you ran that account - it's one of the few reasons I'm on Twitter! How cool to have your research recognized.
  5. Cool idea for a thread! Many tunes to pick from, but these two in particular always make me homesick for Chi-town:
  6. ^ Those are great pics, Scarlet! Some wonderful moments you captured, and it's nice to see you.
  7. Happy birthday, aen27! I hope you have a wonderful day, and thank you for your noble service to the Pagette cause.
  8. Seconded, thank you Sticks of Fire!!! (And to everyone else, for your input in this thread. )
  9. ^ Have a wonderful time, you'll have to tell us all about it! Found out today that I get to move into a beautiful new apartment over the summer. Also, I'm extremely happy that it's one day closer to Friday.
  10. ^ As always, thank you for your lovely contributions aen, April, Stairway, Moira, et al.! You know, I really wasn't feeling St. Patrick's Day until I cracked open a cold Guinness and saw this.
  11. Hi, Moira! I'm just starting out on guitar, as well. I started a thread a little while ago seeking advice about playing (Led Zeppelin songs, in particular). I'm sure that you'll get plenty of advice in this thread, but thought I'd also link to this one for you (I received some really great ideas): http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/19490-questions-for-guitarists/ Best of luck, and I'd be happy to swap guitar stories any time.
  12. My mom had the exact same tastes as you, so I was brought up on a steady diet of HCTB/Sherman/Cassidys/Osmonds (I also got classic rock from my dad, to balance things out). Cheesy as heck, for sure, but like you there's a fun nostalgia I hold for all of it. And yes, Bobby was definitely cute! When I was really little, I wanted to change my name to Julie. Thanks for sharing your Hanson story, Strider. I actually find similar responses from most people; once they get past the obligatory "they look and sound like girls" comments and listen to more of their music, they discover there's some talent/entertainment there. I check in with them every couple of years and enjoy catching up on their albums, as well as their live performances on youtube. But of course, I'm sure that part of mine and April's enjoyment of them comes from fond remembrances of our fan club/Mrs. Taylor Hanson days. Speaking of, my aforementioned sister in fandom just notified me that yesterday was Taylor's 30th birthday. He and his wife just welcomed their fifth child. FIVE KIDS! I'm only 24, but that makes me feel really old. Let's toast to Taylor, and enjoy his response to one of music's most haunting unanswered questions - what does "MMMBop" actually mean?
  13. Just finished Memory & Dream, by Charles de Lint. Really interesting novel dealing with the aesthetic powers of art (in both real life and fantasy). Up next: Suzy, Led Zeppelin, and Me.
  14. In light of the new '69 tape, I've been having some interesting conversations with other forum members here regarding How Many More Times and its significance/influence within the canon of Zeppelin's live performances. It's certainly a production masterpiece, and the songwriting created a fascinating mosaic of different influences/genres; Zeppelin's first symphony, if you will. But the live performances of HMMT also provide an intriguing portrait of Zeppelin's birth as a live-performing unit, while also foreshadowing the evolution of the band as a unique, cohesive, and experimental force to be reckoned with. (And, to be frank, any live performance of HMMT is always a balls-to-the-wall good time. ) Out of curiosity, my questions are these: In your opinion, how is HMMT's influence demonstrated over the course of Zeppelin's career as a live act (through performance in general and/or future live performances of other songs)? I think this could be answered in a multitude of different ways - individual improvisation, interplay among the band members, creation of medleys, instrumentation, etc. For the forum members who have performed HMMT live: what are some creative choices you have made or risks you have taken while performing the song? Is it a piece that can be easily rehearsed/planned beforehand, or do you find that it takes on a life of its own in the moment? To piggyback off of some recent threads here: what is your favorite live performance of HMMT, and why? Looking forward to your responses.
  15. ^ It's been FOREVER since I've heard that song/seen that video, thanks April! 9 to 12-year old me would have killed to have him look at me like that. In my opinion, they've made (and continue to make) some proper enjoyable stuff post-Middle of Nowhere. (A more recent fave is Thinking 'Bout Somethin'.) I can still remember the day Ginger's departure was announced - my family was on a road trip, and it was a cut-in announcement on news radio. My dad was incredulous that it would be considered urgent, breaking international news. Re: The Jackson 5 - this video never fails to put a smile on my face. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baC3UNBODcs
  16. Oh, Taylor... he just got more attractive after his voice changed. I admit to liking most of the entries on Strider's list, but Hanson and the Spice Girls were definitely my time. I still remember intense fights on the playground (think Sharks and Jets) between Hanson fans and Spice Girls fans. Being the people-pleaser I am, I pledged allegiance to both groups. I always called dibs on Ginger.
  17. Got out of work early because of snow! Huzzah! Having the excitement of a little kid always makes me happy.
  18. Very cool, thanks for sharing! Oh, Ditka... love him or hate him, he's a Chicago institution.
  19. Absolutely, happy birthday ally! Hope you have a wonderful day.
  20. ^ That's a great list! I was curious to see yours, after you started the thread. If had a fantasy bucket list, I would travel back in time to see the '85 Bears. Sweetness, The Fridge, The Super Bowl Shuffle ()... I was definitely born a few years too late.
  21. Sehr gut! Absolut, würde Ich mag Ihre Brieffreundin sein und Ihnen eine Nachricht senden. Bitte verzeihen Sie mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut wie ich es gerne hätte sein! Ich werde üben. These would definitely be on my list, as well.
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