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  1. ^ Thanks again, Dallas Knebs! Having lots of fun already with those. I know I'm beginning to sound like a broken record... but really, thank you for all your contributions to this thread. The advice is much appreciated! My top two favorite Zeppelin songs, so I'm liking those recommendations! In fact, I was already leaning towards Tangerine for my first song challenge - think I'm going to go with it. Cheers, mstork!
  2. ^ Beautiful - thanks for sharing, Rooster Cogburn! I'm sure the experienced guitarists here can give more constructive feedback, but as a listener I really enjoyed it. Gives me another example of something to work towards! How long have you been playing? Thanks for sharing, Mini_Zoso! And no worries - I'm guessing that JP's on the forefront of many guitarists' minds here (including mine). I ask because until I got into Zeppelin, I never really payed particular attention to solo guitar/guitar parts in general. I've always enjoyed listening to guitar, but as a music student in the past I was focused more on studying other things. I would say that my main inspirations for wanting to seriously start guitar now are Jimmy, the Buddy Guy concert I mentioned... and honestly, "It Might Get Loud". Really loved the introspective nature of IMGL, and I was jealous of all the fun everyone seemed to be having!
  3. The First Cut Is the Deepest - Cat Stevens
  4. Just caught "Dan in Real Life" on TV (for about the millionth time). Hence...
  5. ^ Really fun show, enjoy it. That's wonderful. My day started with a bang, literally - tire blew out on the way to work at 5:00 this morning. Promptly called auto assistance... last time I tried to change a tire, it ended badly. While I was waiting, a kind stranger stopped by and asked if I needed anything. I said thanks and gently refused, but on the way back the same stranger dropped off a coffee. Having auto troubles early on a bitterly cold morning? Blech. Being on the receiving end of a random act of kindness? Pretty great.
  6. Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac
  7. ^ Could not have said it better myself re: Rihanna! Missed watching the Grammys live, so catching up on the performances online. I'll admit to Jack White being an acquired taste for me, but now I can't get enough. He never fails to intrigue me, and last night was no exception. Kelly Clarkson's performance was a great breath of fresh air after the LCD dress/butterflies/rain/Alice in Wonderland craziness/whatever else. Not that the extra effects can't be appreciated/enjoyed for what they are, but it's always nice to just strip back to an understated, genuine and soulful performance of some truly beautiful songs. As a Mumford and Sons fan, I actually agree with you wholeheartedly - was hoping/expecting a lot more from their second album. I can still appreciate their music, but I'm not getting the excitement/enjoyment out of it that I used to... versus Jack White or The Black Keys, who still catch my attention with whatever they produce. Missed this news - that is so great. I agree with you, 100% - music teachers often face an uphill battle, and in my opinion they have one of the most important jobs in schools today. I cannot express just how much having a music program at school positively impacted me when I was growing up, and I've personally witnessed the same effect on many young lives. I'm sorry your career in music ed didn't work out for you, Juliet - but I'm sure you left those kids with skills/culture/appreciation that will stay with them for a long time. Glad the Grammys cheered you up a bit after your tough week! Ah, the power of music.
  8. I'm actually playing on an acoustic right now, and I agree - as a beginner, it's been great for immediate feedback. A basic, tried and true warm-up routine does wonders for my confidence (no matter which instrument I'm playing) - and I'm happy to know that B.B. and Stevie feel/felt the same way. If you don't mind me asking, Dallas Knebs (and others) - who have been some of your inspirations, as far as playing is concerned (besides JP)? I saw Buddy Guy in concert a few years ago. Even though I wasn't well-versed at all in guitar technique back then, I can distinctly remember the freedom and abandon with which he played. He roamed up and down aisles, feeding off the crowd's energy and conversing with the audience through his guitar. A very cool impression to leave a concert-goer with, and one I'll remember for a long time. Two of my favorite Zeppelin songs, and they didn't even register on my radar to be able to try as a beginner! Thanks, Kayley.
  9. Cheers, thanks wolfman and tazulike88! It also helps a great deal to hear from fellow beginners.
  10. Bend Me Shape Me - American Breed
  11. I'm also 24, and have been a Zeppelin fan for about eight years. I'm glad to see that there are so many younger fans here. In my experience, many of my friends/peers who are into older music are either Beatles/Stones fanatics, or punk/metal fans - not too many in between. Of course, I do what I can to spread the gospel of LZ... as I'm sure we all do. That's great that you play in a tribute band, Jesse Noah - keep on rockin'. So by this logic (and your signature), you've been a fan since you were five?! That is one of the coolest things I've ever read. If/when I have kids, they will be brought up on a steady diet of Zeppelin - they'll go to sleep to The Rain Song, and wake up to Achilles Last Stand. And they'll thank me for it!
  12. Thanks so much for the recommendations, everyone! You've given me a lot of great ideas/good places to start. Even more motivated, now. Dallas Knebs: I play piano and various woodwind instruments. This is my first time really practicing on a legit string instrument, so the muscle memory and hand positions are taking some getting used to. For that reason alone, all the video tutorials suggested will be very helpful. Right now, videos of me playing would consist of the same monotonous chord repetition. But once I feel more comfortable/confident with my playing, I would love to post videos here for everyone's feedback/suggestions. I love what you said about playing your heart and soul. Even though I've had very regimented classical training on other instruments, I've always been of the opinion that feel trumps technique. Classical guitar might be something that I'd pursue in the future, but right now I'm more interested in trial and error/improvisation (after developing the proper foundations, of course). I've heard from multiple people on here about your valuable guidance/expertise, so thank you for sharing some of that with me. I'm sure as I keep playing, I'll have more questions for you! Interesting to see everyone's feedback re: lessons. Don't think it's something I'm interested in pursuing quite yet - but again, maybe in the future. After my playing develops more, I would love to practice/perform with other people as another source of motivation. I think I would enjoy doing that with a group and/or teacher. Oh, I have every expectation that this is going to take over my life - music always does. But, what a great way to spend my time/energy/*cough* money. I appreciate the warnings. Playing WS/BMS is my ultimate guitarist dream - hopefully, someday! I would love to hear your version if/when you decide to record it. Good luck, keep at it! Meh, it never really looks like he enjoys it all that much.
  13. Who can make a duck face look that cool/attractive? Jimmy Page, of course. Great picture - thanks for sharing, aen27 (and DavidZoso).
  14. Guitar wizards of LZ.com, After a couple of false starts, I am determined to get serious about learning guitar. I do read music and play some other instruments, but learning guitar is a whole new challenge for me - one that I am very excited for. Obviously, one of my biggest inspirations for starting is my favorite band. I've been doing some online research on learning Zeppelin songs, but figured that this would be one of the best places to inquire - could you recommend any helpful tutorials/resources/places to start? I'm still in the very basic stages (learning chords and developing muscle memory on acoustic), but I would love to have something to work towards. Also: what was the first Zeppelin song/solo/riff you learned, and which is your favorite to play? Any advice/response would be much appreciated. Thank you, cheers.
  15. ^OTHAFA is my favorite Zeppelin song, and it certainly makes me happy whenever I listen to it. But I've posted elsewhere that I find the song, to quote TheStairwayRemainsTheSame, to be very paradoxical. There's some longing and melancholy mixed in with that joy and happiness. Those lyrics still fascinate me. It's a testament to LZ's songwriting that there are so many paradoxes (through both the lyrics and instrumentation) that can complicate the emotional response from a listener. Tangerine, for example. Painfully tragic, lamenting a lost love? Sure. But in my opinion, there's a bittersweet fondness that can come from looking back on a specific time in your life and reflecting on those happy memories. It can bring sadness, sure, but also a smile to your face. On the flip side, I wish Immigrant Song could be playing every time I walk into a room () - that feeling of raw power and being indestructible brings about another kind of happiness. Absolutely, and it's interesting to see what people pick up on in regards to "happiness": nostalgia, love, adrenaline, freedom, etc. Cool idea for a thread! I'll add my votes for Out on the Tiles and Thank You.
  16. Welcome, Angelah and Disco Duck! Always nice to "meet" fellow Zeppelin fans.
  17. Aww, that's very sweet. Enjoy your time together. TGIF/happy weekend, everyone! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cKAsc_aJM0
  18. I'm driving home from work today, rocking out to Living Loving Maid (as I'm prone to do on occasion). There may have been some intense head banging/shoulder shimmying involved. I happen to look to my left while stopped at a light... the passenger in the other car is staring at me like I have five heads. All of a sudden he smiles, starts singing along, and busts out some awesome moves of his own. Mutual music nerdage always makes me happy.
  19. ^ Hi, black zeppelin! Welcome to the forum, it's truly fantastic to be among fellow Zep heads. Those were some funny conversations. "Wow, these guys are really great!" "Dad, what exactly were you doing during the '70s?" "Nothing I can talk about with you. And if it wasn't The Stones or The Who, I wasn't interested." Honestly.
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