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  1. Welcome, Winni! I'm also a recent returner to the Zep forum, it's a great place to be.
  2. Welcome! Cool song, would love to hear your cover of Ramble On if/when you're ready to share it.
  3. Thanks for the welcomes, april_lynn and aen27! I've been enjoying going through your fantastic posts on this thread, thank you again. My sentiments, exactly. It's so great to be back among like-minded people.
  4. This is a great attitude to take, and should be at the core of your speech. As other people have mentioned here, it's tough to prove that something is "the greatest" when everyone in your audience will have a different idea of what "greatness" means. I think the key here is universality - making every person in your audience feel like they can relate to your love for Zeppelin. As you said, there is a good chance that many people will have little to no experience with Zeppelin music. However, nearly everyone can relate to a passionate and enthusiastic speaker, because most people (hopefully) have felt similar passion and enthusiasm for something in their own lives - be it sports, other bands, hobbies, etc. I would share some of your personal experiences - how you got into Zeppelin music, why you enjoy it, etc... be descriptive with your feelings. Many here have touched on the versatility of the music. LZ songs certainly sample from many different genres, so even if someone doesn't start out as a fan of the band as a whole, they can at least enjoy/appreciate some of their songs - there seems to be a song to suit everyone (at least, from my experience with some of my family and friends). List specific genres and songs that reflect these genres. In my opinion, Led Zeppelin also provides a perfect soundtrack for life... no matter what mood you're in or what situation you're going through, there's a Zeppelin song that'll be there to support you. Again, you can cite some specific examples. Not sure if this fits in with the requirements for the assignment, but I think you should be in good shape if you combine this emotional persuasion with some of the factual statistics/evidence listed by others in this thread. Best of luck on your speech, and have fun! I'll second Dallas Knebs - I would love to see your finished product, if you feel comfortable posting it here.
  5. ^^^ Hi, Charles! We meet again, Mr. fishhead! Thanks for the great song conversation on the other thread, will be sending you a message soon.
  6. I don't know about that, but thank you. The English major nerd in me tends to come out, especially when I'm writing on one of my favorite topics! Great review of Down By the Seaside. Even though emotional response to music is obviously a very personal and unique thing, it can be very enlightening to discuss these songs with fellow Zep fans - you put into words a lot of reasons why I enjoy DBTS. That's a fantastic point that you make about Plant and his lyrics. I also tend to focus on instrumentation first, but certainly the lyrics are a major component of why I enjoy OTHAFA. Now, I will also listen to DBTS in a different light. Saw your inquiry on Meet and Greet regarding my background as a classical musician and The Rain Song/Kashmir. I could easily hijack a few threads with my love for those two songs, so I'll send you a message. Looking forward to more great music conversation, cheers!
  7. Absolutely to all of the above. Thanks for responding.
  8. Love these discussions - I'll try my best to explain. OTHAFA was the first Zeppelin song that I fell absolutely head over heels for, the very first time I listened to it. It took me a bit to really start appreciating some of the more blues-oriented, improvisational songs... I say all the time that LZ has helped me mature as a music listener. But OTHAFA stuck with me from the beginning. I guess what stands out the most to me are all of the contrasts in the song (I guess my username is appropriate ). It's a song I can relax to and rock out to at the same time - it's all at once romantic and cynical, adventurous and pondering, joyous and melancholy, etc. (at least, that's how I interpret it). I also mentioned in the producer thread that it's (in my opinion) one of the most beautifully arranged/produced songs that's ever been recorded - a perfect demonstration of musicality from all the band members. Not to mention, of course, the great spontaneity and urgency that's present for the live versions. I also have a soft spot for that introduction and its connection to White Summer; I originally got into Zeppelin after watching a video of Jimmy performing WS/BMS. When it comes down to it, I think it's that nostalgia that keeps OTHAFA as my #1. I love your list, any of your choices could easily be in my top ten on any given day. I'm interested as to why you ranked Down By the Seaside so highly (I love it too, just curious as to your reasons). Cheers!
  9. lightandshade

    Young Jimmy

    ^^^ That one in color is gorgeous! Thought I would share just a few screen caps from one of my favorite Yardbirds videos ("I'm a Man", Beat Beat Beat, '67). Even though Jimmy's face is shown for about three seconds total (too much for the cameraman to handle?), he casts such a spell with that performance... mystery and intrigue all the way. Plus, lots of bonus closeups of those beautiful hands.
  10. Ah, this thread feels like home. Fantastic to see so many contributions from the old board, as well as some great new ones! Thank you to everyone who's been contributing to this beautiful thread, I'm having fun going through its second incarnation. I'm afraid I don't have much to share that hasn't been posted before, but I'll always be here to appreciate and admire! Hugs to all of my fellow Pagettes, for your impeccable taste.
  11. Ditto, this is tough! #1 stays pretty constant, but 2-10 are subject to be interchanged with the rest of the Zeppelin catalogue. 1) Over the Hills and Far Away 2) Tangerine 3) How Many More Times 4) Ramble On 5) Gallows Pole 6) White Summer/Black Mountain Side 7) When the Levee Breaks 8) Kashmir 9) The Rain Song 10) Whole Lotta Love
  12. Great topic! I sometimes have trouble articulating to other people why I enjoy LZ albums so much - it's really hard to give a distinct, clear answer. Their live performances obviously take on a whole new dynamic, but a Zeppelin studio album takes you to a unique place as a listener. I can only describe the experience as otherworldly, yet somehow simultaneously intimate. "Over the Hills and Far Away" is a great example of this - IMHO, one of the most beautifully crafted songs ever produced. As someone who's not so well-versed in the technical aspects of music production, I can only rely on my gut instincts to tell me when something's good... and as a producer, Mr. Page has yet to let me down.
  13. Greetings to the greatest fans in the world! Hello to all - new to this forum, but I was an active member on the old board a loooong time ago. I decided to rejoin because of what an exciting time it is to be a Zeppelin fan - Celebration Day, Kennedy Center Honors, etc. It's great to again see such a mixture of youth, enthusiasm, and experience here. Learned a lot about my favorite band here on the first go-a-round, and looking forward to learning even more. I've been a passionate Zeppelin fan for about eight years. A friend sent me the video of Jimmy Page performing on the Julie Felix show... and the rest, shall we say, is history! I grew up as a classical musician, and Led Zeppelin opened my eyes to a whole new appreciation of music - improvisation, nuances, different genres, etc. Every time I listen to a Zeppelin song (even if it's for the thousandth time), I can pick up on something different that I haven't noticed before... which of course, leads to a whole new appreciation and love. As a twenty something fan (whose cultural tastes tend towards the 60's and 70's), one of my greatest joys is introducing people to Led Zeppelin (ironically, including my parents). It's great when people are in on the secret, isn't it? Looking forward to chatting music with all of you. Cheers, see you around the block!
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