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  1. the songs are weak and it misses page badly, i can understand the new direction thing but it just was not for me. even the better songs on the album are not all that.
  2. the only band in the hard rock world that could match zep or even better them, great band.
  3. I definitely think 13 is one of Sabbaths best albums, its an instant classic and their aint a bad song on it, best album since 1975 and it easily matches their first 6 albums which were all amazing, for them to come out with an album of this quality at their age and with all the problems they have had with tony being ill and ozzy back on the booze and drugs is truly sensational, this ay a good album its a monster of a album, could zeppelin come out with an album of this quality? I would really like to think so because zep along with Sabbath are my favourite band but I don't think zep could mat
  4. Its so hard to say who is the best ever but page definately is up their and if you look at his overall ability then me personaly would say he is my number 1 , blackmore is definately a more technicaly gifted player but overall he just falls short of jimmy but only just, iommi is top ten for sure, love gary moore and leslie west too, my music tastes are very stuck in the 60s and 70s but I love metallica and kirk hammet is one of my favs
  5. I absolutely love this song live and I think this song really comes alive when played live, one of page's best riffs and I think one of his best solo's, love bonhams drumming to, I have to be in the mood to listen to it on the album but this song for me is one of the highlights of their set when played live, page just makes me wanna lick his boots in this song, much prefer plants vocals on this song live aswell,
  6. I also don't think sabbath were as technicaly gifted as zep in the studio but I think the final product of their first 6 albums stands up to the zep albums, pink floyd were very gifted in studio along with a few other bands, sabbath just as had a raw talent to produce great albums, you can name a number of classic sabbath songs and they may not be technicaly brilliant but they are some of the greatest heavy rock songs you will ever hear, its obvious that sabbath looked up to zep but I think zep looked down at sabbath, robert plant on numerous occasions has slated sabbath, completely differant
  7. To zep head, I love deep purple but they never matched zep or sabbath album wise although they did do some awesome albums, they wernt as consistent as zep or sabbath although their technicaly they were second to none, purple pushed zep as a live band definately and some might say they were even better, purple were better than sabbath live most of the time
  8. Ye definately agree their two completely different bands, and your right about the different moods they both send out, zep are like let's have fun get high and shag all night while sabbath take you on a hellish drug trip through the darker side of life, ozzy is great for bringing it down to street level with his lyrics and how he sings them, plant was like a god, ozzy was your mate who said ay man this is how it is, the two greatest bands ever!!
  9. Well I'll start off by saying I think zep are the best band ever,and I will also say as we all know zep wernt just a rock band they spun out into many genres, sabbath are only a heavy rock band so I'll just compare led zeps rockier side to sabbath because theirs no way we can compare sabbaths heavy doom to going to california, I just think sabbath are the only band in the rock genre that can rival and at times better zep, for led zep 4 you have paranoid for led zeps debut you have sabbaths debut and so on, iommi as a guitarist is not jimmy page but boy does he smash and twist those riffs insid
  10. Were sabbath the only band who could rival zep with their albums? I think zep were deffo the better live band and overall were a better band but as a album band did sabbath match them,I think they did although no way in a million years could sabbath create stairway or kashmir it was out of their comfort zone by a mile
  11. Consistency, diversity, ambition, risk taking, great studio and live band great musicians, the magic that they created as a band that was never saw before and never will be repeated, amazing albums, no band had the aura that they did, you never knew what they were gonna do next on their albums and also live, led zeppelin is an institution, their were some great bands and at times some bands pushed them close but you just have to listen to the albums and watch the live shows to realise they were a step ahead of everyone else, jimmy page was so dedicated and it paid off
  12. 70s led zep, sabbath and probaly purple although acdc push them for 3rd and in the 80s it would be guns n roses, metallica and ozzy
  13. Led zep, black sabbath, the doors, guns n roses, van halen, oasis, acdc, blue cheer, metallica, and deep purple in rock mk2 debut
  14. Hi everyone I'm new to this forum and its great to be among so many zep heads, I'm 29 and have been a zep fan from the age of 11 or 12, its fair to say I'm obsessed with the band and everything about them, they are without doubt my favourite band along with ozzy era sabbath although I will definately admit zep are the BEST band ever, communication breakdown was the first song that got me into zep and when I first heard that song it made the hairs stand on the back of my neck, for me I cannot name zeps greatest album as I think they are all great apart from ittod , jimmy page is without doubt t
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