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  1. the only band in the hard rock world that could match zep or even better them, great band.
  2. I definitely think 13 is one of Sabbaths best albums, its an instant classic and their aint a bad song on it, best album since 1975 and it easily matches their first 6 albums which were all amazing, for them to come out with an album of this quality at their age and with all the problems they have had with tony being ill and ozzy back on the booze and drugs is truly sensational, this ay a good album its a monster of a album, could zeppelin come out with an album of this quality? I would really like to think so because zep along with Sabbath are my favourite band but I don't think zep could match this album its that good, I love everything about this album especially iommi's playing, without a shadow of a doubt one of the greatest guitarist's ever, greatest comeback album ever
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