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  1. Never noticed that, as I often skip the drum solo too... Had only one 1979 show and it was terrible... The only good thing was hearin All Of My Love live, but Page was very bad...
  2. Same as the others minus drum solo, Wholle Lotta Love/Rock And Roll and no Heartbreaker or Black Dog either
  3. My name is Lovro from Croatia, been a Zep fan for about 7 or 8 years! Recentley I've got more intensively into them again (listening to bootleg recordings etc.) so I decided to join this forum. If you guys feel like it, please check out the teaser from my band's first EP (wich was recorded at home...) We're also planning on doing a cover of Ramble On for the EP Cheers!
  4. My rhythm guitar player plays it, and we're thinking about using it in one of our songs... I managed to play it the first time I layed my hands on it. Not very hard for a guitar player!
  5. As many of you said, on Celebration Day, Robert's vocal is WAAAAY better
  6. Have the DVD, one of my favorite Zep shows! Not the best due to Plant's messed up vocals, Jimmy being completley strung out on heroin and at some moments it feels as if though Plant doesn't feel like doing the show at all. However, it is the most special show I've heard them do... The No Quarter solo is fantastic, the best stuff I've heard from Jones, and Bonham's drumming is 10 times better than on any other show! Also it's a trippy gig because as messed up as Page is, it makes his playing feel so special and different (Since I've Been Loving You, NQ and Ten Years Gone) and that harmonizing effect on Plant's vocal is hillarious and even creepy at times. The whole show also has this sort of dark, creepy feel that was not present around '75 and not even that much during the '79 gigs... I read about gangsters getting involved with Zep's mannagement and security wich made it all dark alongside Page's addiction and you can really feel it all during the gig.
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