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  1. My favorite would have to be june 21st 1977. I listened to this entire performance tripping on 5 grams of shrooms so the amazement that I'm sure we've all felt listening to zep was magnified to gigantic proportions. I love how they build it up and down. At one point they start building together and bonham propels them into the fucking sky as they explode and fall back to earth after giving a glimpse of the heaven they'd just reached. <shroom flashbacks talking< Total light and shade. I personally love jpj on piano. Dude can play some beautiful stuff. I also love the june 7th 1977 version
  2. What are some of the shows youve listened to where bonham was on fire. Playing at his best. Personally i love the playing from the 6-21-77 show. The opening numbers are so intricate. Opinions?
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